Would you let your husband go to a strip club… | Ask SAHM

No it’s not all right, when you enter into a marriage most of the time it’s before our God. We are told to avoid these things because of the many issues that can arise. There is nothing wrong with showing respect for your partner, even when it may be hard to avoid the temptation of going or viewing this. If there’s nothing wrong with it, why not take the children along too? Maybe you could ask the minister that married you two if he’d also like to go? Why are people afraid to admit it’s okay that they stand on strong moral principles and it just isn’t right. Our eyes are connected to our brains as well as our hands, would it be okay if s man groped random women as long as they didn’t mind, because they would get the same sexual high. By the way I’m a man, and pure and simple it’s wrong, and yes I’m tempted with immoral thoughts, but I need to also reject what’s also morally wrong. It’s the right thing to do.

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