The 5 Most Expensive Prams on Earth

Babies are a treasure and many parents want to carry their young one in not only a comfortable pram but also an elegant and fashionable one.

For the sake of ogling something pretty, let’s completely ignore practicality and the moths flying out of our wallets.

Over the years, pram makers have added adjustments, varied materials, and combined engineering with fashion to make expensive and classy prams. The outcome has been the advent of prams that exceed the prices of average cars.

Giant British baby Brand Silver Cross, has pioneered the move with prams that cost more than $60,000! Here are the five most expensive prams on earth.

1. Silver Cross Special Edition Rose Gold Balmoral Pram – $61,000

Most Expensive Prams | Stay At Home Mum

The Special Edition Rose Gold Balmoral pram is the world’s most expensive pram at a cost of $61,000! Silver Cross, a strong favourite for the royal family since its formation in 1877 is the proud manufacturer of the pram. The Rose Gold Balmoral pram’s body is coated with 18-carat rose gold.

Each pram is handcrafted and the gold meticulously polished to a glittering shine. The hood and the apron are made of fine English leather while Italian Alcantara fabrics line the pram itself. This pram is rightly referred to as the Rolls Royce of prams. It features a special patented technology that allows it to glide along different terrains with relative ease for the owner and great comfort for the child.

It is about class. A limited number of these prams have been made thereby making this bespoke item more special. The pram carries a rich heritage and a close affiliation with royalty giving every parent the joy of utmost class. However, the pram does not fold down at all and it demands significant storage space. It is also not varied in terms of the adjustments or inclinations. The child has to face backward and at restricted inclinations.

2. Silver Cross Balmoral Pram – $4,400

Most Expensive Prams | Stay At Home Mum

The Silver Cross Balmoral Pram is another fairly expensive pram at a cost of $4,400. Silver Pram Balmoral Pram is hand crafted using traditional methods in Yorkshire. Silver Cross’ has supplied the UK’s royal family with prams and other baby products since the 20th century leading to earn an award — the Royal Warrant for pram production. To date, its prams are popular among celebrities and hence the expensive nature of its products. Besides the high expense, the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram is ideal in quality and heritage. The pram comes in Silver Cross’ iconic design and its chrome chassis is polished to give a super glossy finish. It bears a hand stitched hood while the pram is lined with fine cotton liner and high quality baby mattress.

In addition, the pram enjoys the bouncing glide characteristic with Silver Cross’ prams. However, the pram does not fold and it demands sizeable storage space especially when one has to travel with it. However, this expensive pram offers babies superb comfort and a beautiful stroll. The pram is made to face the rear and this could be a disadvantage to those who wish to have forward-facing prams. The cost of this pram is justified by the deep sense of royalty and contemporary look that it has all along.

3. Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition – $3,000

Most Expensive Prams | Stay At Home Mum

The Surf Aston Martin Edition pram costs $3000. It is the product of two of Britain’s greatest brands luxury automaker Aston Martin and established baby products manufacturer Silver Cross. This pram combines superior engineering and luxurious finishing. It is hand made using high class leather such as the one used in Aston Martin’s cars. Each seat liner is made from Italian Alcantara fabric. An air-ride suspension gives the pram a comfortable ride on varying terrains while the leather-trimmed multiposition handlebar gives a comfortable pushing. The pram has a fully reclining seat with a rear and forward facing settings. The carry cot is suited to accommodate a baby right from birth.

Each pram comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as an engraved chrome plaque to highlight the uniqueness of the product. In fact silver cross and Aston Martin plan to produce only 800 units to increase the product’s uniqueness. The Surf Aston Martin is highly suited to give both the baby great comfort and the owner to enjoy an outstanding style. The pram can be folded to occupy relatively smaller space. The class and the engineering input from Aston Martin gives this pram unrivaled class and utmost confidence. One can almost believe in a life of opulence for the children who ride this magnificent pram.

4. Young Versace White Quilted Travel System – $5,000

Most Expensive Prams | Stay At Home Mum

The Young Versace White Quilted Travel System costs $5,000. This pram can be easily folded, and when it does, it has the capability to stand alone. It has been customised to accommodate a baby right from birth to an age of 3 years. It also bears settings to allow the baby to face forward or backward.

An external lever allows the user to regulate the circulation of air inside the bassinet in order to increase the baby’s comfort. The pram comes with a car seat with a 3-point safety belt padded with soft materials to add to the baby’s safety while riding on the modular stroller or when in a car. The pram’s back and leg rests can be adjusted at ease using provisions at the handle and the leg levers. Underneath the bassinet is a large quilted bag in which there is a rain cover, foot muff and a changing mat.

5. Bugaboo Donkey – $1,850

Most Expensive Prams | Stay At Home Mum

The bugaboo donkey pram comes in mono, duo and twin varieties. It costs an average of $1850 and has gained massive popularity in United States and Britain. In Australia, the pram can cost $2000 making it one of the most expensive in the market. So popular is the pram in Britain that it sells at least one unit every hour. Australians are also picking up the cue for the bugaboo donkey and they have loved it.

One of the special features of this lovely pram is the side-by-side dual stroller which allows users to carry children and goods while still maintaining class and elegance. Other features include an optional cup holder and a shopping basket. The bugaboo donkey is easy to push and the special features that allow it to carry almost any excess baggage that a parent or guardian may have eliminate the carrying of excess weight and this is a great relief to many parents.

Keen on buying any of these 5 most expensive prams on earth?The 5 Most Expensive Prams on Earth | Stay at Home

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