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Hubby is working away. He asked for some photos and I put it off for a few days. Thought I would surprise him and send a couple of nudes. Thinking it would make him happy and excited. His reply was ‘thanks sexy they are nice’ WTF !
He says the same thing when I send pictures of the kids.

I was expecting OMG I love you. Thanks so much for sending those. I know it has put you out of your comfort zone and I really appreciate it. Can’t wait to hold ,suck on those gorgeous titties and fuck that beautiful pussy. Etc etc.

I am gutted at his reaction. Never going to send any more. I had been learning a strip tease routine as surprise when he comes home but stuff that. No doubt he will laugh at my attempt.

My confidence was high when I sent the photos. Now I feel like a piece of shit.

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