My wife started smoking. Its driving me crazy… | Ask SAHM

Smoking alway been a deal breaker. Now 5 years into our relationship and just married. my partner started smoking. I really not ok with it. We talked i made so rules that. I dont want to be touched or kiss between a smoke and a shower and brushed teeth But the other night she tried to sneak one in when i was asleep and when she come back into the room i asked to have a shower and she spat it. She known all along i hate it.

We were having sex the other night i could smell it on her breath. I tried to keep my head out of it but kissing and sex goes hand in hand. I stopped and said i was to tierd and its wasn’t going to happen. But realy it was her breath puting me off.

Is it ok for me to say that the smell of it putting me off?

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