My friend doesn’t invite me in to her home… | Ask SAHM

We’ve been friends for 7 years, we go out for lunch, dinner, coffee etc and she is at my house several times during the week because our children are school friends and her child comes here a lot after school, overnight on the weekends and holidays but any time I’ve ever needed to go to her house to drop something off or pick up her child she has never invited me inside.
We always do coffee or BBQs with our husbands at my house.
She has my child some times but also never in the house, she takes them places instead.
I’m starting to think it’s a bit odd since she could probably tell you exactly which shelf I keep my sugar on in the pantry and how many jackets are in my closet but I’ve never even seen the inside of her entry way lol
Is it just me, do you guys think that’s a bit strange or does any one else have a friend like this?

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