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I have an 8 week old baby and am part of a few online forums with babies born the same time and have a few friends with babies the same age, everyone else is always talking about their babies screaming and crying all day or night but mine doesn’t ever!
If he’s hungry or cranky he just let’s out a “waah!” Just one little one, if I don’t fix him up immediately he’ll do another little “waah” noise a few minutes later.
If he’s showing sleepy signs I just put him to bed down and he goes off to sleep.
If he doesn’t want to sleep yet he just makes noises, such as babbling but doesn’t cry.
He makes sad or frustrated faces though.
He had his first and only actual scream and cry with tears when he had his needles.
Is he not normal? Or just a quiet baby? 🙁
I don’t want to ask in my groups or my friends because honestly lots of the ladies are having terrible times it seems and I don’t want to be that bitch that says her kid doesn’t do that 😕

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