Monstrous Mothers That Deserve to Die

If you were to ask me if I believed in the death penalty before I had children, it would have been an all out NO! No one deserves to die.

But since I’ve had my boys, that over protective badass she-wolf has come out in me. I would defend my cubs with my life – as I’m sure most other mothers do. Most…

But these mothers didn’t. These mothers did the most evil, despicable thing known. Not only did they kill their own children, some of them abused them for years in the worst way possible.

A mother’s job is to protect her child. And if she can’t do that – either ask for help, or give that child to authorities to re-home where they will be loved, cherished and adored.

You might think that the title ‘Mothers That Deserve to Die’ is harsh – and why do we need to read about it, but I want you to know that there are evil people like them out there… and to keep an eye out not only on your child, but others too. Because if you can save another life by being vigilant and taking notice of what just might be happening, you could save a child’s life.

FACT: Over 27 children are killed by their own parents in Australia every year! In the USA, that figure is over 200.

5 Monstrous Mothers That Deserve to Die | Stay at Home Mum
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Ka Yang

  • Where: California, United States
  • Victim: Mirabelle Thao-Lo (2 months old)
  • Sentence: 26 Years to Life

Ka Yang is a truly despicable 34-year-old human being. In March 2011, the mother-of-four claimed that she had lost consciousness and woken up next to a heater which had injured her baby daughter. On further investigation, it was found that the burns were not caused by the heater but by placing her seven-week-old baby, Mirabelle, in a microwave oven for two minutes. Police had discovered a dummy remaining in the microwave.

The baby girl suffered horrific burns to 60% of her body. A pathologist doing the autopsy said that the radiation from the microwave had ‘cooked’ the child’s small intestines and stomach. Ka Yang’s defence attorney alleges the mother was suffering from a seizure at the time of the incident.

5 Monstrous Mothers That Deserve to Die | Stay At Home Mum

The jury rejected arguments that the Sacramento-based woman did the crime during an epileptic seizure and found her guilty of first degree murder.

Ka Yang had no prior criminal history.

Her three remaining sons are in the care of family members.

5 Monstrous Mothers That Deserve to Die | Stay At Home Mum

Alexandra V Tobias

  • Where: Jacksonville, United States
  • Victim: Dylan Lee Edmondson (3 months old)
  • Sentence: 50 years

This young mother was only 22 years of age when she killed her three-month-old son. His cries were a distraction from her playing ‘Farmville’ on Facebook. Alexandra informed police that she ‘shook’ her son when he would not stop crying, she smoked a cigarette, then shook him again. The shaking caused severe brain damage and death.

Farmville has over 60 million members and has been named by Time Magazine as one of the ‘worst inventions’ in recent decades. Some players have found it so addictive they have lost employment and racked up personal debts of over $1000.00.

5 Monstrous Mothers That Deserve to Die | Stay At Home Mum

Alexandra now faces a lifelong imprisonment as it was not considered a ‘first degree murder’. Tobias claims that she was suffering from postpartum depression at the time, and wanted to go back to being ‘a good person that I was before’.

5 Monstrous Mothers That Deserve to Die | Stay At Home Mum

Lianne Smith

  • Where: United Kingdom
  • Victim: Daughter, Rebecca (5 years old), Son, Daniel (11 months old)
  • Sentence: 34 years to life

In May 2010, 45-year-old former child protection worker Lianne Smith was upset when her long-time partner, Martin Smith, was arrested on child sex offences. So in her grief (even though it is claimed she KNEW her partner was a paedophile whilst she was with him), and whilst she was on holiday in Spain, she suffocated her five-year-old daughter, Rebecca and 11-month-old Daniel with plastic bags. She later told police she killed them out of love.

She was found guilty of murdering her children even though she pleaded insanity. Lianne claims she killed her children because she thought they would be taken into care by Social Services because of her partner’s crime. So instead, she decided they were better off dead.

5 Monstrous Mothers That Deserve to Die | Stay At Home Mum

Lianne has an older son and daughter. Chris, her 21-year-old son says he would never ever forgive his mother. He said ‘I wish I could have been there as justice was done.’

Ms Smith had abandoned Chris in 2007 after his sister, Sarah had reported that her stepfather had sexually abused her for 11 years.

‘What kind of mother chooses a man like him over her children?’.

During Ms Smith’s trial, she said that she had given the children ‘a perfect three-day holiday’ before she killed them.

Lianne Smith’s partner, Martin Smith was charged with 13 counts of sexual offences including rape and attempted rape against a girl under 16.


Stay At Home Mum

Kristi Abrahams

  • Where: Sydney, Australia
  • Victim:  Daughter, Kiesha Weippart (6 years old)
  • Sentence: 16 years

Unfortunately, the worst mother of them all comes from right here in Australia. Kristi Abrahams, 30, had abused her six-year-old daughter, Keisha Weippart for her entire life. The abuse escalated in the last 18 months of Kiesha’s life. In August 2010, Kristi and her de-facto partner, Robert Smith, reported to the police that Kiesha had gone missing. The public rallied. The couple even made a media appearance pleading for Keisha’s return.

Eight months later, Keisha’s remains were found in bushland in Western Sydney in April 2012 after a ‘midnight visit’ from Kristi, laying flowers at her shallow grave. Police had been suspicious of Kristi from day one of Kiesha’s disappearance and after a lengthy undercover police operation, Kristi and boyfriend Robert were arrested at the grave.

Stay At Home Mum

The court heard that Kristi Abrahams had knocked her daughter unconscious by throwing her against a wall in July 2010 and did not seek medical assistance. Instead, the couple put the little girl under a cold shower and put her to bed. The couple discovered she had died from her injuries the next morning, placed it in a suitcase for five days before burning it and placing it in the shallow grave.

The postmortem results were horrifying with evidence of the long term physical abuse at the hands of Abrahams.

Kristi was sentenced to a mere 16 years in prison.

Megan Huntsman

  • Where: Utah, United States
  • Victims: 7 unnamed infants
  • Sentence: 49 years

Megan Huntsman, 40, was a methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana addict who continued to get pregnant time after time. Rather than using birth control or placing these babies with the authorities, she strangled them shortly after birth, wrapped their body in cloth and placed them in a plastic bag before placing them in a box in her garage.

Ms Huntsman said she was so high she didn’t realise what she was doing. Forensic evidence on the seven little bodies revealed that one had been a stillborn. All were born full-term — five were girls and two were boys. The killings occurred between 1996 and 2006.

Stay At Home Mum

Megan’s partner, Darren West who fathered all seven children located the bodies when he collected his belongings after Megan had moved out of the home. Mr West advised he knew about some of Megan’s pregnancies but had been told that she had miscarried. He alleges he had no idea that she had chocked and killed six of his children.

Ms Huntsman advised she wanted to get rid of the bodies but was afraid she would get caught.

The couple have three surviving children.

Stay At Home Mum

Leave me in a room with any of these women, I’d happily take justice into my own hands.

5 Monstrous Mothers That Deserve to Die | Stay at Home


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