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As a child psychologist, i have worked with a number of clients who have been brought up with strict rules around friends of the opposite sex and it has the tendency to end badly for both the child and the parents.
Parents have to deal with their own issues regarding this without allowing it to interfere with the trust they should have with their child. A teenager is going to experiement in a range of ways before they turn 18 and either you support them and allow them a nurturing place to return to to discuss their ‘adventures’ or they do it behind your back often with horrible consequences.
My own daughter is 14. From an early age she has been taught body awareness and safety. She was given age appropriate talks about sex. We have had healthy discussions about her questions regarding the topic. When she is ready to engage in a sexual relationship she will inform me and we will discuss correct contraception etc. It is her body, her feelings, her life. I am here to protect and guide her but i will not make her feel guilty about something that is natural. She understands my thought process.. i am not condoning her to become sexually active, i would prefer she is in a stable relationship, i would like the male to be known to us, her parents, i would like her to be of mature mind upwards of age 17. However, its not my decision to make!

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