Lingerie That Hides Your Post Baby Belly

Our post baby belly often makes us feel unsexy and just meh.  We look at beautiful lingerie that hides your post baby belly and will make you feel like the boss bitch that you are!

It’s really hard to feel sexy with the loose skin and those bright red stretch marks. Not feeling great about your post-baby belly is not uncommon, in fact, according to Google, the stomach is the most searched body part to hide. That’s why we have found Cute Lingerie that will hide your post-baby belly!

Although it is totally normal to feel uncomfortable after giving birth, you should never feel ashamed of this area, those stretch marks are from bringing a beautiful baby into the world, you are a true warrior, a goddess-giver-of-life but keeping this in mind doesn’t help you when your feeling like crap in your new lingerie.

Cute Lingerie That Will Hide Your Post-Baby Belly
It’s Normal To Feel Un-Sexy After Giving Birth

When you finally hit that six-week mark or further and ‘get back on the horse’ – it’s easy to feel deflated….  Your body has been through hell.  Your boobs are full and sore, your belly is still extended, you are tired and don’t get much time for yourself and perhaps you have a stretch mark or 50.  That’s okay.  You have created a new baby.

The thing is – your partner is going to find your new curves sexy as hell.  Truly!  They won’t notice all the things that you will when you look in the mirror.

But the good thing is that wearing lingerie can make you feel sexy… the goddess your partner fell in love with.  And if wearing some lingerie that hides those parts you are a bit sensitive about – that can be the key to having an extra great time and feeling good about your body again.

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Cute Lingerie That Will Hide Your Post-Baby Belly

Find Lingerie That Accents Your Positives

Finding the perfect lingerie to accentuate all of your best features and make you feel like the sexy queen that you are can be frustrating so we have taken the stress out of it for you and created a list of all of the best lingerie to suit your post-baby body.

Post Baby Boobs = Awesome!

Post-baby boobs are fantastic – they are full and probably bigger than you have ever had – so why not find lingerie that accentuates those puppies whilst they last. Remember it is likely that they will be sore and can’t be touched… but hey still flaunt them!

Cute Lingerie That Will Hide Your Post-Baby Belly

More Curves Than Ever Before

In addition to your larger boobs, most women have more curves than ever.  Your hips naturally widen after giving birth which gives women a beautiful hour-glass shape.  So ensure any lingerie that you wear will cinch the waist – no matter what your size – doing this will give you a banging shape!

What Type of Lingerie Should I Get to Hide My Post Baby Belly?

If it is your post baby belly area that you are feeling shy about – choose a Basque Set.  A Basque is less ‘clingy’ than a bustier or corset, but still cinches you in (and they are super comfortable).

Here are our picks for the best Basques.

You’ll look and feel like a boss in this badass red satin and black lace set! This set enhances cleavage and nips in at the waist. It glides over your post baby belly so you will feel sexy and strong. The breast cups are padded for a bit of extra ‘oomph. You will feel sexy AF in this little number. This set is made for plus-size ladies! Comes in sizes up to 6 XL (dress size 28).

Price: $64.95

Grab it here>

Lovehoney Plus Size Empress Red Satin and Lace Basque Set | Stay at Home Mum

This sexy faux leather set is so stunning with intricate lace detail and a gorgeous pearl bow. Comes in sizes small (6-8) through to Large (14-16).  This basque has plastic boning which helps hide your post baby belly, and is so sexy. Pretty enough for a wedding night!

Buy it here>

Lovehoney Pearl Faux Leather and Lace Basque Set | Stay at Home Mum

This super sexy plunge deep purple chemise provides coverage for your post baby belly and provides underwire support for milk engorged boobs. You could even wear this little number under your clothing to surprise your significant other!

Buy it here>

Lovehoney Treasure Me Purple Underwired Plunge Chemise Set | Stay at Home Mum

Another Great Tummy Hiding Lingerie is the Babydoll

Babydoll’s are a sheer silk or chiffon material that is loose and usually see-through.  It is the perfect lingerie that hides your post baby belly as it glides right over your tummy area.  These are a good option if you aren’t keen on lingerie that ‘clings too tight’ to you.

Here are our picks for the best Babydolls:

With a matching pair of crotchless panties…. So naughty but so beautiful.  It highlights the beautiful female form – and is the perfect lingerie to hide your post baby belly without covering it all the way up.  This little number is a best seller for a good reason!

Buy it here –>

Bordeaux Babe Sheer Babydoll with Crotchless Panty

This Passion Flower Babydoll is the cutest set out there and best of all – it will hide your post baby belly!. It is flowy and stretchy so you will feel super comfortable in it while you get down to business. Babydoll sets are great as they don’t cling to your mid-section – it just glides over the top!

Buy it here>Lovehoney Passion Flower Purple Babydoll Set | Stay at Home Mum

Is it acceptable to wear lingerie to the grocery store? This piece is too nice to keep at home! A super-flattering cut that covers your post baby belly a lot but is still super sexy!

Buy it here>Lovehoney Moonlight Wine Plunge Basque Set | Stay at Home Mum

This gorgeous mulberry lacy babydoll covers the tummy, but still allows a good glimpse of the goods.

Buy it here>

Mulberry Muse Babydoll with G-String

Loving this lavender look, the back of this set is just so pretty and unusual! Another gorgeous flowy set.

Buy it here>Seven Til Midnight Indecent Desires Lavender Babydoll with Thong | Stay at Home Mum

Indecent Desires Lavender Babydoll with Thong

This crimson romper is so nice, I feel like I wouldn’t end up using it for any dirty deeds because I wouldn’t want to *cough* stain it *cough*.  It would probably look great as a bodysuit with a pair of jeans and a cardi!

Grab it here>

Be Wicked Make a Wish Burgundy Satin Romper | Stay at Home Mum

I love the length of this babydoll and the lacy detail on the breast cups, it is simply stunning!

Grab it here>Dreamgirl Simply Smitten Gartered Babydoll with Thong | Stay at Home Mum

This Raspberry Kiss babydoll offers the perfect amount of coverage and a cheeky panty is so much more comfortable than a g-string, yes, please!

Grab it here>Dreamgirl Raspberry Kiss Lace Babydoll with Cheeky Panty | Stay at Home Mum

This set is perfect for champagne on the deck followed by a little bit of afternoon delight. Simple and very very classy!

Grab it here>

Dreamgirl Perfect Match Black Satin Chemise with Robe | Stay at Home Mum

This blue babydoll and thong set is such a magnificent blue and it also has a super cute peek-a-boo back.

Grab it here>Seven Til Midnight Wondrous Blue Babydoll With Thong | Stay at Home Mum

In beautiful crimson – this show-stopping piece of lingerie shows off your curves, but still holds in your belly.

Grab it here –>

Love Games Chemise with G-String & Removable Garters

More Lingerie to Hide Your Belly:

Dreamgirl Mulberry Muse Babydoll with G-String | Stay at Home Mum

With so many options for lingerie that hides your post baby belly available hopefully you can find something that makes you feel like a boss bitch and makes you feel comfortable and confident as you go in and get down to business! 

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