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I have to defend this because I have been doing it my whole life since I was a teen. It was normal in our household as a kid. We had open shower drains and it saved us a ton of water, it was just part of having a shower. If you do a bit of research around 1 in 30 people do it, so it’s not uncommon. Shit, Shower, and Shave! A shower is a one-stop place, I even wash my underwear, brush my teeth, have a wine, listen to music, meditate, and more. Think about it logically, put aside the gross aspect. Now showers…they are just water and a drain that uses the same plumbing as your toilet. You wash your bits after, you clean up, you have a ton of nice smelling shampoos, etc to throw down and wash up after. Now compare to a toilet where most people can’t even wipe their ar**s properly…skidmarks, poo dangles, poo skids on the bowl, etc, the shower is actually not that much of a bad choice is it. Hell most people can’t even clean the toilet correctly, a shower is so much easier to clean. Also in a shower, your bum never gets hit with a cold seat up, or pee on the seat. From a health point of view, squatting to poo in the shower actually puts you in optimal body position for correct bowel alignment and expulsion. Really it’s just humanity making boundaries of what we consider “normal” or correct. I reckon you all should try and come back here and comment, you might be surprised. No more runs from the warm shower wet to have poo, just try it.

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