How To Wear Joggers (2021 Men’s Style Guide)

When it comes to wardrobe essentials for men, joggers are versatile pants that are cool and comfortable, allowing guys to style many different outfits. Jogger pants are easy to wear and fashionable when combined with the right pieces, giving you the ability to take your look to the next level. Since these pants come in several different cuts and colors, choosing the right men’s joggers to create a flattering ensemble can be daunting.

Whether you want to dress up or down, there are many ways to style joggers. Some men will pair joggers with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look, while others may combine trendy pants with a sweater, denim jacket and boots to pull off a smart casual outfit.

With so many different types and styles, it can be challenge knowing what to wear with jogger pants for a stylish look. To inspire you with outfit ideas, we’ve compiled this guide on how to wear joggers. From tight to loose and black to khaki, explore these jogger outfits for men to find cool styles you’ll love!

How To Wear Joggers

What Are Joggers?

Joggers are a classic style of athletic pants made with lightweight fabric for comfort and function. Joggers are generally made with cotton and feature a slim-fit design that tapers down the legs, elasticized or cuffed ankles, and front pockets for an athletic look. While most guys will wear these pants to go running or play sports, fashion joggers are a stylish version of these bottoms that allow you to style a smart casual outfit. Comfortable and classy, you can dress up these trendy joggers with the right shirt and shoes to create an effortlessly chic look.

What Are Joggers

Joggers vs Sweatpants

The difference between joggers and sweatpants is that joggers are made from a light material and allow your legs to stay cool, while sweatpants are designed with thicker fabrics and will keep you warm. Modern and flattering, joggers have a more tapered fit than sweatpants and often feature an elastic, cuffed or zippered ankle. These versatile and comfortable pants are must-have winter wardrobe items for men who want to wear joggers with style. Fashion-conscious gentlemen should experiment with brands like Thom Browne, Todd Snyder, Nike, J.Crew, Adidas and Paul Smith.

Joggers vs Sweatpants

Jogger Outfits

Casual Jogger Outfits

You can wear joggers with many different shirts and shoes to construct a fashionable casual outfit, resulting in a cool relaxed look. For casual styling, you’ll want to consider fitted t-shirts to match or complement your pants. A slim-fit crew neck t-shirt will look great with joggers, giving guys a trim and lean appearance. From there, you can style sneakers for a sporty look, high tops for a trendy touch, or classic suede moccasins for an elegant finish.

For a rugged look that can take you from fall to winter, pair utility joggers in tobacco brown or faded amber with a slim-fit Aran sweater and a denim jacket. Combining your pants with a designer hoodie and trainers can create a streetwear vibe that you can take to the next level with a bomber jacket or a fitted quilted hunter’s jacket.

Casual Jogger Outfits Men

Smart Casual Jogger Outfits

Fashion-forward guys often incorporate joggers into their smart casual outfits for a cool look. For a masculine and sexy combination, pair your fashion joggers with a tailored button-up shirt. You may neatly fold the sleeves up just below your elbows to show off a stainless-steel sports watch. You can wear this fresh outfit with leather dress sneakers or loafers for a handsome and charming combination.

To get an elegant look, guys can style dark or khaki-colored joggers with a cashmere sweater. Finish the aesthetic with leather tassel loafers for a classic and refined tone or with black horse-bit loafers to look cosmopolitan and chic. For a business casual ensemble, combine chino joggers with a fitted Pima cotton henley, a blazer and dress sneakers. When it comes to smart casual joggers, it’s all about striking the right balance between formal and relaxed.

Smart Casual Jogger Outfits Men

Semi-Formal Jogger Outfits

You can dress up fashion joggers to fit different dress codes, helping guys achieve the right look for semi-formal outfits. Formal jogger pants are designed with clean lines, replicating the features of classic workwear while adding a contemporary and flattering distinctness. Whether you’re wearing these pants to work or date night, partner your chino joggers with a classic spread dress shirt, a leather braided belt, a blazer and leather Derby shoes with no-show socks. These days, designers often make matching blazer sets to make semi-formal wear easy and simple to navigate.

For a clean-cut and effortlessly chic outfit that will impress, you can style dressy streetwear jogger pants with a royal Oxford button-down shirt and dress shoes. Classy and versatile, you’ll want to invest in solid colors like black and navy, tweed, marled fleece or houndstooth.

Semi Formal Jogger Outfits Men

Black Joggers

Black joggers are closet staples for guys who want sleek and functional attire that looks great with everything. Versatile and universally-flattering, most men choose to wear black jogger outfits because they are easy to pull off, always slimming and can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

All-black outfits are trendy and can be achieved with simple jogger pants, a fitted black t-shirt, bomber jacket with leather accent sleeves, and black sneakers with white outsoles. For some contrast that will stand out, consider styling black joggers with a white or light-colored t-shirt and high tops or dressy sneakers.

To add an edgy spin, go for utility joggers with multiple zippers. You can also pair your black pants with a biker jacket and boots. For a dashing urban style, dress up your joggers with a black blazer, a fitted white button-down shirt and black cap-toe dress shoes with no-show socks.

If you’re planning to experiment with this pant style, you’ll want to invest in a pair of black joggers to maximize your outfit options.

Black Jogger Outfits Men

Grey Joggers

Grey joggers are understate and versatile pants for guys who want to wear stylish casual and smart casual outfits. You can style an athletic and sleek look with tapered grey jogger pants, a thinly-spun bamboo viscose undershirt with a medium-dip v-neck and low-profile sneakers with substantial ankle presence. For a more laid-back ensemble, couple grey joggers with a quality cotton crew neck shirt and a navy linen sport coat.

You can also choose to pair dark grey joggers that are tight around the calf and ankle with white trainer or sneakers and a sweatshirt or hoodie for a cool street vibe. Since grey won’t clash with other colors, you may use these pants to experiment with different shades when it comes to shirts, outer layers and accessories.

Grey Joggers Men

Green Joggers

Green joggers are a great way for guys to wear these pants with all types of outfits. When buying a pair, you’ll want to get dark green jogger pants for a masculine color that will work well in most situations.

You can style your green joggers with a white or black crew neck t-shirt, dark-colored bomber jacket and white sneakers for a sexy look. You can also feature sweatshirts, hoodies and fashion sneakers to maintain a clean and casual aesthetic.

Green Joggers Outfits Men

Khaki Joggers

If you want to elevate your outfit, khaki joggers are an excellent option and offer an elegant style guys can match with many fashionable pieces. Guys can wear khaki joggers with sweaters and dressy sneakers, t-shirts and high-tops or button-down shirts with loafers. As one of the most popular jogger outfits, you can pair khaki joggers with a white shirt and clean white sneakers.

For a rugged and adventurous look, combine cargo joggers with a simple check shirt, a quilted hunter’s vest and dark brown chukka boots. In the winter, swap out the shirt for a thicker flannel top or designer hoodie. In the summer, you can sport a pair of simple khaki joggers with a navy-striped cotton t-shirt, leather boat shoes and a dive watch with a brightly colored dial face.

To dress up your look, start by pairing champagne-hued or light-colored khaki pants with a knitted shawl cardigan and a button-up. Fashionable khaki joggers can add another dimension to a man’s wardrobe, allowing him to ride the athleisure trend with style.

Khaki Joggers Outfits

Joggers with Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts with joggers are a natural fit and guys can style this combination to look casual and athletic or trendy and smart. For a relaxed and fresh approach that you can sport at the gym or in the city, wear a matching sweatshirt and jogger outfit with trainers or sneakers in white or black. If you want a refreshing change in footwear, get a pair of German Army Trainers from brands like Greats, Becket Simonon, or Wolf & Shepherd.

You can also style a merino wool sweater with lightweight runners and basic grey joggers to achieve a cool and distinct ensemble. This handsome look combines classic pieces with some flair for a unique finish. Gentlemen looking for a fashion-forward and luxurious look can pair a designer-patterned sweatshirt with black joggers and black leather loafers. To get the perfect look, you’ll want to mix and match tops and bottoms from both athletic and high-fashion brands like Alexander Wang, Theory, Adidas and Lacoste.

Joggers with Sweatshirts Outfits Men

Joggers with T-Shirts

When you want an effortlessly simple look, you can always wear jogger pants with a t-shirt for a casual outfit that will take you around town. While most shirts with sweatpants create a very basic look, you can level up joggers and t-shirts by choosing fashionable styles from premium brands. Great for the summer, you can simply add layers like a track jacket or denim outerwear to make the outfit suitable for the fall and spring.

When it comes to combining comfort and style, you can pair your joggers with a fitted crew neck shirt and a canvas Harrington jacket for youthful and charming contrast or go with a colorful bomber jacket for something more energetic and modern. For a chill street vibe, style a scoop neck slub cotton shirt, heathered joggers and crepe sole boots.

You’ll want to put on simple t-shirts to balance out statement fashion joggers boasting trendy patterns, textures or constructions. These combinations will create bold yet well-composed outfits. Guys can also do this the other way around with basic joggers and daring t-shirts in statement colors or patterns. Try neutral-colored pants and then experiment with tops like Fendi’s logo-patterned cotton-jersey t-shirt, Balenciaga’s oversized camo t-shirt or Comme des Garcons’ polka dot shirt.

Jogger Pants with T-Shirt Outfits Men

Joggers with Denim Jackets

Joggers with denim jackets are an effective partnership because they’re equally casual but their contrasting textures add character for a dynamic finish. You’ll want to go with a raw selvedge jean jacket, slim-fit t-shirt and light-colored joggers to get a chic look. For a rugged tone, wear an untucked utility shirt and put on a denim jacket with a shearling collar.

Some guys may style khaki or black joggers with a slim grey hoodie or white t-shirt and a light-wash denim jacket on top to pull off a fresh and modern outfit. Jean jackets are classic pieces and always fashionable so consider different washes and shades for your rotation.

Joggers with Denim Jackets Outfits Men

Joggers with Track Jackets

With the athleisure trend going strong, wearing track jackets with joggers is a winning combination. Athletic men may choose matching sets from their favorite activewear brands like Adidas, Nike and Reigning Champ for a versatile outfit. Many non-athletic designer brands have created uniquely-built track jackets with striking designs like camo and plaid. Combine these with basic jogger pants and then accessorize with your favorite sunglasses, wristwatch and sneakers.

Joggers with Track Jackets Outfits Men

Joggers with Hoodies

Joggers look great with hoodies and have become one of the most popular outfits for men who want to blend style and comfort. Much like sweatshirts, hoodies are practical wardrobe pieces that provide warmth and comfort, but can also deliver a cool streetwear vibe that can be styled to look fashionable. You can wear an all-black hoodie-jogger combination with a taupe peacoat and matching sneakers for a relaxed but sophisticated appearance.

By mixing and matching pieces, you may pair black, grey, navy, forest green and khaki pants with different hoodie tops to design the perfect look. Complete the outfit with a long untucked shirt underneath, a sleek bomber jacket over, a cool hat, upscale trainers, or cool sneakers.

Joggers with Hoodies Outfits Men

Joggers with Shirts

While t-shirts are universally easy and comfortable, guys can wear different types of shirts with joggers to create stylish casual and smart outfits. You can style a polo shirt with your fashionable sweatpants for a preppy athletic look. Whether you want a top with short or long sleeves, a button-up shirt will add more structure and help strike a professional tone with dark-colored jogger pants.

Camp collars are trendy and give a California-cool vibe that couples well with brightly-colored pants and designer kicks. From a navy polo with khaki joggers to a white button-down with black pants, you’ll want to make sure you mix and match styles and colors that fit your desired aesthetic.

Joggers with Shirts Outfits Men

Joggers with Socks

When it comes to styling your outfit, wearing the right socks with your joggers can make all the difference. Some guys will choose no-show socks or no socks at all for an edgy ankle presence, while others may want thick and long styles for a unique look that will stand out. Depending on the season, you’ll have many sock options for your jogger outfit.

Casual jogger pants look great with sneaker and no-show socks, which add an understated and stylish touch. If you can sport casual wear to your office, you can have fun with sock colors and patterns that complement your pants or match your top. Your favorite sneaker-jogger combination in the summer can be revived in the winter with thick wool socks. Try a pair with a subtle pattern or knit to add a design accent.

Joggers with Socks

You can also wear socks over joggers to jump on a bold streetwear fashion trend that styles perfectly with tapered pants and athletic shoes. Ideal for the winter months, tucking your joggers or sweatpants into your socks can also offer functional benefits by keeping your legs warm and maximizing comfort.

Joggers with Socks Outfits Men

Shoes To Wear with Joggers

When it comes to footwear, there are many different types of shoes to wear with joggers that can help you pull off a casual or smart casual look. From athletic outfits to urban styles, sneakers and high tops are stylish choices that go well with joggers. Low-profile leather shoes are the best option for a trendy vibe, while Nike and Adidas trainers are great for a sporty aesthetic.

Best Men's Shoes To Wear with Jogger Pants

To create a smart casual outfit with a silhouette similar to skinny jeans, you’ll want to choose between dress sneakers and sleek Chelsea or chukka boots. Lace-up boots are more casual and make a bold statement.

If you’re going for semi-formal attire, you can pair your fashion joggers with dress shoes and a classy top such as a cashmere sweater or button-down shirt. To balance between casual and formal styles, you’ll want to wear bit loafers and leather tassel slip-ons.

Shoes To Wear with Joggers

How Should Joggers Fit?

Joggers should fit loosely around your hips, taper around your ankle, and end just above your shoes. The cuff should be tight at the ankle and a slim fit will look more flattering on your legs for a slimmer silhouette. The more streamlined the taper, the more natural and complementary it will be on most body types and heights.

If preferred, guys with athletic body types can go for a slightly tighter fit, but you’ll want to avoid creating any pocket outlines. More importantly, joggers should never be loose like sweatpants. If you find yourself having to tighten the waist elastic just to keep the pants up, you should definitely get a size smaller.

How Should Joggers Fit

What To Wear with Joggers

  • You can wear joggers with t-shirts, hoodies, button-down shirts, polos and sweatshirts to create the right outfit for the occasion.
  • Guys can choose from many different colors, but the most popular and versatile jogger pants come in black, khaki, grey and green.
  • When dressing up, make sure to put on fashion joggers while casual designs are ideal for lounging and relaxed days.
  • For casual wear, you’ll want to pair your joggers with a fitted t-shirt or oversized hoodie and trainers or sneakers.
  • A stylish button-down shirt, slim-fit sweater or polo can look great for a smart casual style.
  • You can style bomber, denim, track, and biker jackets with your jogger pants to take your outfit to the next level.
  • Depending on your ensemble, the best shoes to wear with joggers include trainers, sneakers, high-tops, boat shoes and loafers.
  • Most guys prefer to pair no-show socks with joggers, but you can put on long and thick wool socks for the extra warmth and styling.

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