How To Do A Swirl Braid

A beautiful style that is extremely popular for special occasions at the moment.

Save yourself, and maybe your friends, some money and skip the trip to the hairdressers when you’ve mastered this Swirl Braid. Just be prepared, you will have to move around to get the circular style just right, so make sure your hair model is sitting in a seat that gives you full access to their hair.

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Step 1:

Part the hair over the left eyebrow, approximately 10-15cm back towards the crown of the head. Make sure the hair is completely free from tangles – this will help when you’ve got fingers full of hair half way around.

How to Do a Swirl Braid | Stay at Home Mum

Step 2:

Using the techniques learnt in Basic Hair Braiding, start braiding from the part on the right hand side. Only take a small section to wind in on the left, as you will need some hair from the crown when you come back around. Pull hair from the right hand side of the hairline and continue until you get to the base of the hair.

How to Do a Swirl Braid | Stay at Home Mum

Step 3:

Continue your braiding along the base of the hairline, moving to your left as you braid. You then need to bring the braid “up”, so move to the left hand side front and ask your hair model to dip their head forward. Continue to take from your now right hand side (left hand side on the hair model) and small amounts from the centre. It will take practice to work out just how much you need to take from the centre, depending on how thick the hair is, to make sure you have enough by the time you come back around.

How to Do a Swirl Braid | Stay at Home Mum

Step 4:

By the time you come back “up” and find yourself under your starting point, you will find you have run out of hair to wind into your braid. Finish the braid off with a simple plait and twirl it in its own little swirl. Pin it into position and secure with a flower, decorative clip or ribbon.

How to Do a Swirl Braid | Stay at Home Mum

Here’s a great video tutorial!

So, there you have it! Try it now!

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