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I’ve noticed an increase in the trend of selfish grandparents,
having done ‘their time’ is completely beside the point when the reason we exist is to form connections & spend time with those we love. We are very family orientated with 2 kids (4, 14) I love elderly people and always knew when both our parents are older I will care for them in my home. It’s unfathomable that the only people who you should be able to rely upon are too busy with their own social affairs to bother. older people then wonder why they’re left in lonely care homes? You get out of a relationship what you put in! And who on earth came up with the phrase that grandparents are not a ‘dumping ground’ who on earth would call it that?? Your grandchildren are your FLESH AND BLOOD it’s not like your spending time with someone else’s kids – If you can’t be there for your family in a world where hardships and stresses are everywhere then don’t expect anyone to pay an interest in you when you’re older.

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