Genital Hair Removal Guide: Best Products & Options

The Stay at Home Mum Guide to Genital Pubic Hair Removal

We’ve all been there… we are having a shower, and spot the razor in the corner and think ‘I’ll just neaten things up a bit downstairs’.  Then for the next week you have to walk bow-legged like a cowboy because every bit of hair regrowth is stabbing your nether-regions like you have a cactus in your knickers. Not only is it itchy as fuck, to top it all off, all these pus-filled pimples start appearing because the hair growing back is in-grown and now your fanny has acne.

So you apply pimple cream – and it stings like a motherfucker! So now your vagina is pimply, half-bald and has a sunburnt like appearance.  Not sexy.

You would think we would learn from that – but nope.

There are pros and cons of every type of foo foo genital hair removal – here are the HONEST things to know first!

Genital Pubic Hair Removal: Hot Wax

Unless you are a Russian contortionist, waxing your foo foo is best done at the beauty salon.  It usually involves putting on a pair of paper undies which the therapist works around.  The first time you have it done, it will hurt like nothing you have ever felt before.  But I do promise you that as time goes on, it still hurts but becomes bearable.

Although they say that you only need it done every six weeks, you are pretty much only ‘Smooth Bald’ for about a week before little hairs start coming through again. By the six week mark, the hair is finer but you are still as bushy as a beaver.

Genital Pubic Hair Removal Hot Wax – Pain Factor:

  • 9/10 for the first go.
  • 7/10 other times.

Genital Pubic Hair Removal Hot Wax – Cost:

EXPENSIVE The average Brazilian wax costs $60, every six weeks and that really adds up. If you can do it yourself at home, you can save a motza – but have a good lock on your bathroom door and try not to stick yourself to the toilet seat.

Genital Hot Wax Horror Stories:

“This one time on my period, wax got caught on the string of my tampon. So instead of being careful, the waxer just went ahead and pulled at it, obviously trying to get the string free of wax. But she got a little too carried away with pulling and the next thing I knew, she had my bloody tampon in her hand. It’s safe to say that ever since then I’ve avoided getting a wax on my period!”

Via Reddit

Our Recommended At Home Genital Hot Wax Removal Kit (you have been warned but)

Pro Wax Hair Removal Hot Waxing Kit

Price: $38.00

61yaj9SkRZL. AC SL1000 | Stay at Home
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Sensitive Area Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream seems like a perfect solution.  It doesn’t hurt and only takes a few minutes and you end up with a smooth vagina area.  But (and there are lots of butts) – if you happen to smear any of the cream onto sensitive areas (which is really easy to do) – it will sting like no tomorrow!.

Not only that, the hair starts re-growing straight away, so you will have genital stubble within a week, and with stubble comes the ingrown hairs and pimples.

Make sure if you decide to use hair removal cream, you choose one that is for sensitive areas so yo don’t burn your labia lips.

Cost: Genital Hair removal cream can be done easily at home and you will easily get at least 10 applications.  It is probably one of the cheapest ways to remove hair down there.

Genital Hair Removal Cream – Pain Factor:

  • Pain Factor: 0/10 – until the hair starts to grow back!

Genital Hair Removal Cream – Cost:

Hair removal cream for sensitive areas is normally quite inexpensive compared with other solution. Typically you can pick up a bottle for under $20 and it will last around 5-10 applications, depending on how much hair you have to remove.

Hair Removal Cream Online Horror Stories:

“My vagina looked as if it had been in a pub brawl. It was all bright red, swollen and sore. The skin was all raised up and pimply like a plucked chicken. When I got out of the shower I couldn’t even pat myself dry because it was stinging so much. By now, it felt as if I’d scolded it in a boiling hot bath.” Mamamia Aus.

Best Hair Removal Cream:  Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin 400ml
| Stay at Home

The best hair removal cream for sensitive areas is definitely this one from Veet.

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Genital Pubic Hair Removal: Shaving (standard razors)

Now shaving isn’t bad if you a) use a brand new razor every single time and b) exfoliate and moisturize and use that hair inhibitor cream that also helps with in-grown hairs.  If you are just tidying up the sides so it looks near, shaving is the go. If you are shaving yourself bald – don’t do it!

Hints on Getting a Good Pubic Hair Shave:

  • Buy the men’s razors, not only are they half the price, they work exactly the same except they aren’t pink!
  • Trim the hair down to about 1cm with little scissors first so the hair doesn’t clog the razor too much.
  • Shave in the shower after you have allowed a few minutes for the area to soften and heat up under the water to prevent in-grown hairs.
  • Use men’s shaving cream – and loads of it to get a good, clean shave.  Only go over the shaved area a maximum of twice. When choosing a mens shave cream, use one that’s for “Sensitive skin”.
  • Only use the razor a few times – pubic hair is quite coarse so blunts the razor.  A blunt razor will rip out not just the hair but some of your sensitive foo foo skin.
  • Don’t apply moisturizing lotion right away after your shave or shower.  In fact if you can wait until the next day – even better.  For some reason, if you apply lotion too soon after shaving it is likely to irritate your genital area.
  • Never ever ever ever ever dry shave.

Genital Pubic Hair Removal Shaving – Pain

Basically no pain unless you nick a sensitive area, make sure you pull the skin tight, use safety razors, and go slow slow…don’t rush when shaving this all too important area. 0/10

Genital Pubic Hair Removal Shaving – Cost

Cheap as chips – new disposable razors are very inexpensive. 1/10

Best Razor for Pubic Hair Removal 

This razors are good value for money,  4-Pack is only $2.99

81UdAwrb0EL. SL1500 | Stay at Home

Best Price: Order Online >

Genital Pubic Hair Removal: Intimate Shavers

Unlike razors, these are electric shavers not unlike men’s shavers except they are shaped especially for women.  These shavers can be great as they don’t take the hair off right down under the skin level like razors do. They do leave a tiny bit of hair sticking out – not enough to notice, but this means you aren’t as likely to get in-growns as with other methods we have mentioned.

Downsides fo Intimate Shavers:

These razors are more expensive than the above options for genital hair removal.  Perfect if you just want to trim your hair down there now and again without any fuss.  You don’t need to pre-soak or apply cream.  But they won’t give you the extremely clean ‘right to the skin’ finish that razors and waxing will give you.

Genital Pubic Hair Removal Shavers – Pain

Pain: 0/10 – doesn’t hurt at all

Genital Pubic Hair Removal Shavers – Cost

Cost: Up to $50 – but you can use the same intimate shaver for years.

Best Intimate Shaver: Remington Cordless Shaver for women WDF4840

Price: $44.39

712fzyUHIcL. AC SL1435 | Stay at Home
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Genital Pubic Hair Removal: Epilators

Epilators used to be all the rage in the 1990’s and they are still sold today (so someone must be buying them).  I myself had one back in the day.  I used to think ‘Wow – what a great idea’. Until I used it.

Imagine this.  You know how painful it is to use tweezers on your pubes? Imagine that multiplies by about 100 at a time. Ladies – just don’t.

Genital Pubic Hair Removal Epilators – Pain

Pain Factor: 1000000000/10

Genital Pubic Hair Removal Epilators – Cost

Cost: 8/10 (and based on the passed…not at all worth it)

Laser Hair Removal (IPL)

If you are looking for permanent genital hair removal – than laser is the go.  It reducing in-grown hairs and isn’t particularly painful to have done.  But you do need to have laser done over six or more sessions – more if your hair is particularly course.  And if you have fair coloured hair – well laser just doesn’t work that particularly well.  It can feel a bit raw for an hour or two afterwards, but even that is pretty rare.

I suppose the most annoying thing about laser hair removal is that everyone (even the dark-haired light skin who are the perfect candidates for laser) – still have a few lighter coloured hairs that the laser just won’t get.  So it won’t achieve an absolutely perfect clean slate.  But it will significantly and permanently reduce the amount of hair.

Many laser salons sell packages of six at a discounted price – and some offer Salonpay too (which is like Afterpay for beauty salons) – so this makes it a bit more affordable as it is a big outlay.  There are even home versions of lasers available now!

Genital Pubic Hair Removal IPL – Pain

  • Pain: 3/10 – slightly uncomfortable

Genital Pubic Hair Removal IPL – Cost

  • Cost: 9/10 – The most expensive hair removal option – but it is permanent

Best Laser IPL or Genital Hair Removal: Homedics Duo One 

010376 | Stay at Home
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Or Just Go Natural

There is no hard and fast rule about how you want your beaver to look – so if you want full bush – go the full bush.  Trim if you want to trim.  Add a merkin if you are game.  Even colour if you wish to colour (be careful with bleach though – it can burn!).  Do what suits you or experiment a little if you are feeling inclined.

Do you have a hair removal horror story? We’d love to hear it!

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