Electric Blankets on the kids beds…?… | Ask SAHM

Last night was a nice taste of winter will be like in SE QLD. My 2 year old son who is in a single bed came into our bed… Freezing!! (He was wearing a onesie, singlet and socks). Which today lead me to think what we should be doing to keep him warm during the night as winter approaches…

He’s too old/never been in a sleep/grobag before. I’m too paranoid to leave a heater on all night. We just put extra blanket on the bed for us because I’m also not a huge fan of electric blankets… But should I put an electric blanket on his bed (on low) to keep him warm? Bear in mind he also has a waterproof protector on there (can you even use an electric blanket with one?!) Do you have any helpful tips or what have you done in the past. Thank you!!

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