Does anyone elses man wear women’s jeans ?… | Ask SAHM

I typically wear men’s jeans. With that being said I am 5″11 and on a good day weigh in at 150#.
I am a stick figure of a guy.
Men’s jeans swallow me up and they could double as parachute pants. 😆
Well back in time I was introduced to juniors jeans by my high school girlfriend. She told me they are cut more for girls that have less curves. She said try hers on, so I did and actually felt not so skinny. They were 80’s jeans time period.

Now back to present time. I have several pairs of juniors jeans, sorry can’t do the skinny jeans…uggh look funny.
I love bootcut that are slightly fitting through the thighs. My wife perfers these over my guy jeans which I do wear on occasion for “guy stuff”.

I say to the guys out there, wear what you feel comfortable with and live life. To the girlfriends and wives that understand this I say thank you.

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