Do Huggies Nappies Cause Chemical Burns? The Internet is Saying YES

Do Huggie’s Nappies Cause Chemical Burns?

The Internet Says YES!

An article on Kidspot recently bough up the topic of the new Ultra Dry range of nappies from popular brand Huggies, with complaints from parents that they are faulty, are not fitting properly and the filling of the nappies ‘exploding’ overnight.

Even more concerning is parents claims that these nappies are causing chemical burns on their baby’s skin.

So many parents are concerned about the new nappies in fact that a new Facebook Page has started. ‘Aussie Parents Demand a Recall of New Huggie’s Nappies’ Group have over 3000 members. The group’s aim is to call for the nappy’s to be recalled.  The group was started by Queensland Mum, Loretta Barnes who claimed that the nappies caused ‘A strange blistered rash on her daughter’.  Loretta has contacted consumer organisation Choice, and has also lodged a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading in a bid to have the products recalled.

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Which Nappies Are They?

The nappies in question are the Huggies Ultra Dry range in the Mickey and Minnie Mouse print. Kimberly Clark, the manufacturer of Huggies says that it has only changed the outer shell of this particular nappy.

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What Huggies Are Saying About It:

Huggies have responded to the initial complaints on their Facebook Page (January 18th) reassuring parents that they were investigating the issue.

“So far, we haven’t identified any manufacturing or quality issues with the current range.  However, we will continue to investigate further as a priority,”

Huggies product manager, Kylie Bridger, posted a video to the brand’s Facebook Page.

“I want to reassure you that we’re doing everything we can to understand why some of you are experiencing these issues’, she said.

“We remain reassured that our products meet all quality and safety standards”

Huggies has been offering $50 vouchers to unhappy parents.  They have also encouraged anyone with an issue to contact their customer care team on 1800 028 334, or email them through their website.


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What is Happening Now?

The New South Wales Fair Trading Commission hadn’t yet received enough complaints to launch an official investigation, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has declined to comment on this issue.

A petition has been started ‘Aussie Parents Demand a Recall of New Huggies Nappies‘ with nearly 3000 signatures already.


Huggies contacted Stay at Home Mum this morning with the following information.

“The Queensland Office of Fair Trading (QOFT), on behalf of Australian Consumer product safety regulators, has just completed an extensive independent investigation into our Huggies Ultra Dry range which found no evidence that the product is unsafe or not fit for purpose. View the full update here.

This specialised testing (from an accredited testing organisation) reviewed the current range (featuring Mickey and Minnie) and previous version (featuring Winnie the Pooh), confirming that both products performed comparatively in relation to all key measures, including absorbency, leakage and breathability. Additionally, the testing found (amongst a range of additional safety and performance tests) that the product is within safe tolerances for known allergens and pH values. Our comprehensive internal testing also confirms the above.

Our commitment to the health and safety of babies is unwavering and will remain at the core of all that we do as a brand now and in the future.”

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We will keep you updated on this story.

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