Did you get revenge on the ‘mistress’ or did… | Ask SAHM

It’s been 8 months since my hubby’s affair came to light. We’ve done some serious counselling and are working through it. BUT….
I see this biatch every. freakin. where. Or if it’s not her, her husband. Including the hospital when I was very unwell. I have so far taken the high road and not given her any of my energy or attention. But life keeps rubbing it in my face, and I keep thinking what if I just….? Then when I saw her face I’d feel some kind of happy about what I did rather than feeling sick and like I want to kill my husband.
Did you take revenge? How did it make you feel?
(And I’m not talking about physical violence, or anything super illegal, it’s a smallish town and I need my reputation and job!)

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