Best Grocery List for Families on a Budget

It’s January!

That means I’m totally broke.  I’m suffering from the post-Christmas financial hangover (I always go overboard on the kids, no matter how hard I try to stick to my budget), and with Back to School looming in the next couple of weeks, it means that I have limited funds to splash at Woolworths or Aldi.

Thankfully though, I’m leaning once again towards my $50 Weekly Shop list to only buy what I need, and to stick to the basics so I can spend that extra cash on getting these kids back to school.  The one good thing is that now is the time to get back into a good routine for school, which means basic healthy nightly meals (and early bedtimes – hooray!!!).  So on this week’s food budget – we will be eating meals such as:

7 Dinners To Enjoy Using These Ingredients:

grocery shopping | Stay At Home Mum

Of course, this list won’t suit everyone, everyone has different tastes, different size families and different needs.

But don’t despair!

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Best Grocery List for Families on a Budget

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