Australia’s 25 Most Famous Bogans

Bogans are said to be crass, vulgar, uncultured, and a lot of other adjectives you can think of, but we are certainly not dull!

There is a little bit of bogan in all Aussies.  It’s genetic!  Anyone who arrives on our fine shores are automatically dna embedded with thongs, XXX Gold and just a smudge of lamington….

So if you love talking about tax refunds, pandora bracelets, Bundaberg Rum, padlocks and only living once, you Sir (or M’am) are a bonafide bogan!

Here are Australia’s most bogan bogans. Bogans that are also famous (not just cashed up!).

1. Poida

Probably the role that put Eric Bana on the map. The iconic Poida, with a mullet us Aussies can be proud of.

2. Warwick Capper

You know you’re classic bogan when they sell your style as a costume… a bogan costume.

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3. Jacqui Lambie

This bogan politician’s rather colourful language sets her apart from the boring Parliament. And we love her for it!

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4. Ruby Rose

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that she is one of Australia’s most successful women with a whole lot of bogan in there.

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5. Kath & Kim

Okay so they are fictional characters, but no mother-daughter duo is more iconic than Kath & Kim.

6. Ben Cousins

The second footballer on our list, Cousins was recently released from jail and is now building his life again. Good on you,

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7. Corey Worthington

What bogan list would be complete without Australia’s most notorious party boy???

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8. Shane Warne

Shane Warne is the classic old-school bogan…and pretty much perfected the art of being one.

9. The Chk Chk Boom Girl

Also known as Clare Werbeloff who gained overnight internet fame by lying blatantly about witnessing a shooting. Chk-chk-boom!

Clare | Stay at Home

10. Russell Coight

Oh nothing much, he’s just behind Australia’s legendary mockumentary, All Aussie Adventures. Duh!

11. Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is a proud cashed-up bogan, according to her. Thank you for making the rest of us look better than we should.

Screen Shot 2016 07 07 at 10 | Stay at Home

12. Carl Barron

Comic genius Carl Barron can bring out your inner bogan… but does he really need to? I think not!

carl barron whitebg 900 | Stay at Home


13. Alf Stewart

Blimey Charlie.  Yep, another fictional character. Then again, Alf Stewart’s default mode is peak bogan.

14. Sophie Monk

It’s a mystery why Sophie Monk speaks like a bogan when her parents are posh, but whatever.

1000 sophie monk | Stay at Home

15. Constance Hall

Controversial, viral, and outspoken are only few of the words that can accurately describe Constance’s bogan-ness. But we love her for it!

59a24783469ed6dd880d54cf4cde26bd | Stay at Home

16. Kyle Sandilands

He’s a freaking tosser… That’s how bogan he is!

kyle sandilands header 1500 1000 | Stay at Home

17. Nathan & Daniel

If you like insults, humiliation, rudeness and crudeness generously sprinkled with your daily dose of feral.

18. Casey Donovan

Extremely talented Casey Donovan can grab a boyfriend while looking like she stayed up all night, so why can’t you.

casey | Stay at Home

19. The Honey Badger

Nick Cummins, they say, is the most Australian bloke on the planet. For starters, he speaks his own language.

20. Pauline Hanson

And she is a ranga. Double whammie!

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21. Kylie Mole

There’s no other brash, uncouth teen on TV more loved by this nation. PS: You should reaaaally check out her Wikipedia page.

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22. Rob Palmer

This DIY extraordinaire is not afraid to speak his mind or style an unsuspecting girl’s hair using a vacuum cleaner.

Rob Palmer | Stay at Home

23. Julia Morris

Classic Julia Morris can be insensitive and thoughtless, but then again, she’s Julia Morris!

24. Amber from Upper Middle Bogan

Foul-mouthed Amber is like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. And explode she does!

bogan 729 | Stay at Home

25. Angry Dad

Unabashedly showing his frustrations and losing his temper on video, no dad is as more relatable as Angry Dad.

2BF57DE100000578 3221899 Angry Dad Mark Orval pictured played the ultimate revenge prank a 7 1441344982398 | Stay at Home


Special Mention Bogans:

These bogans weren’t quite bogan enough for our list, but are still boganesque.

Delta Goodrem

190213 The Voice Delta Goodrem 0631 Domain knqvz4 | Stay at Home


Kylie Minogue

Just make sure you pronounce her surname, “Min Oagggg’

kylie minogue | Stay at Home


Reggie Bird

Reggie made being a bogan profitable! Reggie is the chick that won the first Big Brother.

a9ab626d6f3ec2bd7c91e8188e4d7f8f | Stay at Home


Edwina Bartholomew

Gotta love a preggers weather chick who fucks up on a global scale.  Go you little Aussie!

Image result for edwina bartholomew


Rikki Lee

Rikki Lee goes to show that you can polish a turd.

Ricki lee 2009 | Stay at Home

Who is your favourite bogan? Don’t lie!

Untitled 1 4 | Stay at Home

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