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A very Merry Unbirthday to you.”

Thanks to Walt Disney, most people are familiar with Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland (originally Through the Looking Glass) and the magical concept of celebrating an unbirthday.

An unbirthday is any day of the year which is not your real birthday. So you get 364 unbirthdays every year! In our family, each person has chosen a date in the year to celebrate their unbirthday (mine is 21st October) and on those days, we do things a little silly in our house. You, too, can start this tradition and make some fun family memories.

7 Unbirthday Party Ideas

1. Invitations


We celebrate unbirthdays with just our immediate family (four of us) so invitations are not necessary. But for fun, get the unbirthday child to create an A4 poster to have on the fridge letting everyone know of the upcoming festivities. Try writing things backwards, having an ‘inside out’ dress code or displaying their crazy menu choices for the family to see.

2. Food


There are no rules in deciding what food to serve at your unbirthday lunch or dinner. Our kids get to pick one meal of the day and have whatever they’d like on the menu. Ice cream for dinner followed by nachos for dessert? Perfect! Spaghetti Bolognaise for breakfast? Why not! It’s always a little silly but that’s how an unbirthday is meant to be.

Another idea is to add food colouring to otherwise normal food to create crazy colours. Green mash potato, blue pasta bake, purple pumpkin soup are all simple ways to get into theme. There are some excellent natural food colourings on the market if artificial colours make your family go troppo.

An easy way to mix things up is to eat somewhere different”¦ picnic on the bedroom floor, in front of a movie, on the trampoline in the backyard, inside the kids’ cubby etc.

3. Games


Get creative and put a twist on some family favourites. Get out some kids’ puzzles and do them picture face down (much harder than it sounds!) or change the rules on their favourite board game.

Alice in Wonderland is a great movie to watch on an unbirthday and there’s no doubt it’s one of the silliest movies ever!

With primary aged kids, they might enjoy you taking the time to swap the end of the bed they sleep on for one night. Just swap their pillow, sheet and doona down the other end and see if they enjoy silly sleeping to finish of a very crazy day 🙂

4. Cake

Southern Blue Celebrations

5. Cupcakes

unbirthday ideas

Cupcakes are easy to do for an unbirthday. Cool them upside down and once cool, ice the bottom instead of the top. If your child has chosen a sweet meal, pop your candles in there and see if you can download a version of ‘the Unbirthday Song’ from 1951 to sing along to.

6. Drinks


7. Decor

You can use all your old frames, tie it into the three and now have a really cool outdoor decor!


8. DIY Photo booth

If you wanna overdo it a little bit, you can always make a DIY Photo booth. Here’s an example!

Sweet Details By Karla
Sweet Details By Karla

The most important thing with an unbirthday is to have fun and not take yourselves too seriously! Take lots of photos and enjoy being silly and having a belly laugh with your family!

What are your unbirthday party ideas?

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