6 Things To Remember When Going Braless In Public

Bras. They’re an everyday clothing item, a breast shaper, a style indicator and a fashion item.

But that doesn’t mean you have to love them. In fact, some women hate bras, and at various points in their lives many women will stop and think: why am I doing this?

So they’ll go braless, and if you’re thinking of following in their footsteps, here’s what you should know.

1. There’s No Confirmed Need To Wear A Bra

This might come as a shock to some women, especially those who have been wearing bras their entire adult lives since the wondrous onset of puberty, but there’s actually no medical reason to wear a bra. That’s right, absolutely none.

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There is no consistent proof that wearing bras improve breast health, stop breasts from sagging or do pretty much anything else. Studies have been done of course, but they have yet to present a health benefit to wearing bras that can be seen in all women. So if you’re planning to change things up in the bra department by going braless, that’s probably the first thing you should know!

2. Itchy Material Is The Worst

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One of the first things you’re going to learn while going braless is that there are two types of tops. The first kind are smooth, comfortable tops of material that seems to embrace your bare nipples with loving care.

The second kind are itchy, rough and impossibly painful. It’s entirely likely that you’ll discover this through trial and error, much to the annoyance of your nipples, so we thought we’d mention it now. Think carefully about the kind of clothing you’ll be wearing when you go braless, or suffer the chafed consequences!

3. Going Braless May Make You Think Twice About Bras

When you get adjusted to doing the same thing everyday, it’s amazing how much you gloss over the annoying things about it. This is absolutely true for going braless. It’s not until you start to try out life without a bra that you’ll realise just how painful and uncomfortable wearing a bra can feel day in and day out.

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While you may feel strange for the first few days, by the end of a week, your chest and shoulders, along with other bra pressure points, is likely to feel more relaxed than ever!

4. Nobody Can Make You Wear A Bra

When you stop to think about it, wearing a bra is the modern equivalent of wearing a corset or a girdle. They’re a supporting and shaping device there because society says that it should be worn because it’s appropriate.

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But the fact is ‘society’ can’t force you to do anything just because it might be the appropriate thing to do, including wear a bra. So don’t let yourself get drawn into the idea that wearing a bra is a must, because it absolutely is not.

5. Never Apologise For Your Braless-ness

When you start wearing a bra, you might come up against some criticism from those around you, men and women alike. Well f*ck em. These are your breasts, and going braless is absolutely not something that you should apologise for.

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Bras are just an item of clothing. Would you apologise for not wearing socks one day or for choosing not to wear earrings? We didn’t think so. Yet for some reason, some women feel that they’ve done something wrong when they’re caught out going braless, whether it’s intentional or not. Well here’s the truth ladies:

6. To Bra Or Not To Bra – It’s Your Choice

At the end of the day, choosing to wear a bra or not wear a bra doesn’t say anything about who you are as a person or who you are as a woman.

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If you feel comfortable and happy to go without your bra, then by all means do so! But if during the day, you decide you want to cover up, or if it just doesn’t feel right without your bra, that’s fine too! You don’t love your body less for choosing one option over another, and your identity as a woman and a feminist is certainly not at stake here.

Just do what you want woman, they’re your assets after all!

6 Things To Remember When Going Braless In Public | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

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