59 Best Date Ideas For Teens (2021 Guide)

While getting to know a new person can be exciting, planning the perfect date can be a challenge. Dating is an important social experience for high school and college students. Although you may feel the need to impress your date by doing something expensive and extraordinary, there are many date ideas that are fun and cheap. Every city has cool places to go and exciting things to do on a date.

Some first dates are as simple and easy as going out to dinner and getting dessert, while others involve staying at home to cook together, playing games, watching the sunset, and having a movie night. Teenage couples may want to do something special and unique, especially for an anniversary. If you’re really nervous, you may even want to think about a double or group date scenario where your friends can support you.

Whether it’s summer, winter, spring or fall, you can pull off a cute first date that will result in a great time. To spark your creativity and give you a head start, we’ve compiled a list of the best date ideas for teens. From making her dinner to watching the sunset at the beach, explore these cute date ideas to find fun activities and places that are affordable for teenage couples.

Date Ideas For Teens

First Date Ideas

Get Ice Cream Together

To keep your date short but sweet, head to a local ice cream parlor. Both fun and affordable, an ice cream date is a cute way to get to know one another without any added pressure. If your nerves get the better of you, just blame it on the brain freeze.

Get Ice Cream on A First Date

Play Mini Golf

Show off your competitive side with a round of mini-golf. You don’t need to be golfing pros to make the most of this date idea. Just show up, take a few shots, and hope that the date is as awesome as a hole-in-one.

Play Mini Golf For A Cute First Date

Go Hiking

If you love the Great Outdoors, then hiking in the local area is a beautiful first date idea. To immortalize your date, bring along a camera and upload the top snaps of the day to Instagram.

Go Hiking on A First Date

Enjoy Dessert

Everybody loves dessert so introduce your date to your favorite dessert spot and sweet treats. Whether you settle on waffles or a slice of pie, bonding over dessert is as adorable as it gets.

Enjoy Dessert

Explore The City

Glittering city lights make a stunning backdrop for a first date. Even if you’ve lived in a city for years, there are usually hidden gems left to be uncovered. On your date, you can either hit your favorite city spots or explore somewhere new.

Explore The City on A Fun Date

Go To The Museum

Enjoy the best of your city’s culture with a trip to a museum. Most museums are free to enter or are funded entirely by donations, so a museum date is an excellent idea for artistic teens on a budget.

Go To The Museum For A Date

Chill At The Beach

During the summer months, grab some towels and head to the beach. During the day, you can play a spirited game of volleyball or frisbee. When the sun sets, take a twilight stroll along the beach and learn more about each other.

Chill At The Beach For A Cute First Date

Watch A Movie in Theaters

Watching a movie in theaters is an easy and simple idea that won’t break the bank. Simply pick a movie, hit the snack bar, and enjoy your time together. If it’s a scary movie, don’t be afraid to cuddle up close. On the drive home, you can debrief and discuss your favorite movie moments.

Watch A Movie in Theaters

Go Bowling

For a date idea that will never get rained off, try bowling for a fun time. If you’re concerned about making conversation on the date, the active nature of bowling is sure to keep the night moving along smoothly. There’s plenty to do and easy things to talk about, which should allow you to get to know her.

Go Bowling For A Cheap First Date

Hang Out At The Coffee Shop

Meeting up for coffee at a cafe is an easy first date. Even if you’re not a fan of coffee, there are many different drinks you can get. You can also order a slice of cake and a smoothie. Comfortable and safe, hanging out at a popular coffee shop will also put her at ease if you are meeting for the first time.

Hang Out At The Coffee Shop

Get Tickets To A Comedy Show

Bond over some laughs at a comedy show. Watching live comedy takes the pressure off a first date, and you’re bound to walk out with some hilarious inside jokes. Most comedy clubs offer student discounts which will keep costs low.

Get Tickets To A Comedy Show For A Great First Date Idea

Have A Study Date

Study dates are a cute weekday idea that lets you hang out with each other while getting school work done. A study date is great for couples who value their education and are busy with school but still want to spend quality time together. You can study separately if you need to focus or create fun quizzes to fire your partner up for a big test.

Have A Study Date

Cute Date Ideas

Have A Picnic

A picnic is a timeless date for a reason. Not only can you tailor the menu to suit you both, but it’s easy to spend hours curled up on a blanket together under the summer sun.

Have A Picnic For A Cute Date

Set Up A Hammock In The Park

To elevate your next date, set up a floating hammock in the park! Grab a cooler, pack some sandwiches and find a vacant spot between two trees. Fix the hammock securely to the trees and you’re good to go.

Set Up A Hammock In The Park

Make Her Dinner

Show off your culinary skills by making your girlfriend dinner. Cooking dinner is always romantic, and if you can figure out her favorite recipe before your date, it’s sure to be a hit.

Make Her Dinner For A Cute First Date

Check Out A Farmer’s Market

Trawl through colorful stalls and grab incredible fresh produce at your local farmer’s market. To spice things up, challenge yourselves to find everything you need to cook your favorite recipe together.

Check Out A Farmer’s Market

Take Her To The Carnival

You can’t go wrong taking her to a carnival that has fun games and tasty junk food. Most carnivals feature performers, street food, and cool rides, so it’s the perfect place for an exciting day.

Take Her To The Carnival For A Fun Cute Date

Visit A Botanical Garden

Go and smell the roses at your nearest Botanical Garden. While you won’t be able to pick the flowers, you can make mental notes of your partner’s favorite blooms for future reference.

Visit A Botanical Garden

Watch The Sunset

There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sun go down. To make the most of your date, pack a light picnic, some blankets, and a camera to capture the magic. When choosing a place to watch the sunset, beaches and hilltops make idyllic settings.

Watch The Sunset on A Cute Date For Teens

Visit An Animal Shelter

Show off your softer side by visiting adorable animals at the local animal shelter. At these shelters, you can play with animals for free and connect with your date over a shared love of all things furry.

Visit An Animal Shelter

Have A Photo Shoot Around Town

See your city through a unique lens with a photo shoot around town. If you use an old-school Polaroid camera, you’ll be able to produce instant prints that can be scrapbooked or framed as an anniversary gift.

Have A Photo Shoot Around Town

Fun Date Ideas

Go To A Sporting Event

Cheer for your favorite team at a sporting event. Bonding over sports and enjoying a fun evening with food and entertainment makes these events date-worthy.

Go To A Sporting Event

Have A Bonfire

Light up your life with a magnificent bonfire date on the beach. Bonfires make for a great group date, but still leave room for alone time. During the winter months, bring along cozy blankets and cuddle up for a picture-perfect romantic evening.

Have A Bonfire For A Fun Date

Go Ice Skating

There’s nothing better than having someone to catch you when you fall. When you’re ice skating, this idea becomes both literal and figurative! If it’s especially cold, keep each other warm by bundling together and holding hands around the rink.

Go Ice Skating

Head To An Amusement Park

Get your adrenaline pumping at an amusement park. Whether you live near Disney World, Disneyland, Hollywood Studios, Six Flags or a local theme park, zipping around on a roller coaster is guaranteed to be a fun day together.

Head To An Amusement Park For A Cute Fun Date

Karaoke Night

Flex those vocal cords at a Karaoke Night. Whether you’ve been called the next Mariah Carey or have never sung a note, this date idea promises to be a riot. Just grab a microphone, pick out some cheesy duets and sing your hearts out.

Karaoke Night

Play Games At The Arcade

Hitting the arcade is sure to get your competitive spirit in good working order. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, grab some quarters and try your luck on the claw machines. The frustration may get to you, but perseverance is sure to win your date’s heart.

Play Games At The Arcade

Try Indoor Rock-Climbing

Get in touch with your adventurous side at an indoor rock-climbing facility. Once you’re suited and booted, challenge each other to see how high you can get before abseiling down the rock wall. To make things interesting, suggest that the loser buys dinner.

Go To A Concert

If you share the same taste in music, then rocking out together at a concert is a fantastic idea. While hitting a concert is more suitable for older teens and young college students due to the potential cost, it’s a cool alternative to spending the evening at a quiet restaurant.

Go To A Concert For A Fun Date

Cheap Date Ideas

People Watch and Make Up Stories

If you have an active imagination, heading to the local park or coffee shop and people-watching can be entertaining. You can create someone’s whole life story based on a single moment, so don’t be afraid to get creative and edgy.

Watch The Stars

Stargazing never goes out of style, and watching the stars can be a great way to spend quality time getting to know each other in a peaceful space. For an unbeatable feast under the stars, shake up mocktails and lay out a selection of delicious snacks.

Watch The Stars For A Cheap Date

Play Sports At The Park

To make the most of a sunny afternoon, head to your local park for a game of frisbee or soccer. If you would prefer to keep things close to home, hang out and play games in your backyard.

Go Bike Riding

Cruise around your local trails on a bike riding date. You can either rent separate bikes and fly solo or test your trust with an old-fashioned tandem.

Go Bike Riding For A Cute Cheap Date

Grab Boba

Bubble tea or boba is a tasty treat that almost always makes it onto Instagram. Test how well you know your significant other by customizing each other’s drinks to see how your creation scores.

Make Cookies

Although this might get messy, baking cookies together is a great way to bond. You’ll definitely have fun shopping for the ingredients, but enjoying your dessert at the end of the date is sure to be a highlight!

Make Cookies on A Cheap Fun Date

Binge Watch with Netflix

For the ultimate chilled-out night in, set up a snack table and find a new show to binge on Netflix. When night falls, set up a cozy fortress with pillows, blankets, and hanging lights to keep the romantic vibes flowing.

Work Out Together

Pump some iron together at the gym for a cheap date that is sure to get those endorphins flowing. There’s nothing better than sharing in a mutual hobby and bonding over your dedication to fitness and health.

Work Out Together on A First Date

Date Ideas For Teenage Couples

Go Kayaking

If you live near open water, rent a kayak and explore the peaceful waters together. You may even be able to flex your heroic muscles if one of you falls in.

Feed The Ducks and Fish At The Park

Finish off a romantic walk in the park by feeding the ducks. Find a peaceful spot on the pier and throw pieces of old bread into the water as you watch the world go by.

Feed The Ducks and Fish At The Park

Take A Ride In A Hot Air Balloon

To take your relationship to new heights, spend a couple of hours in a hot air balloon! The views from the balloon will be second-to-none, and many companies even offer picnic packages for special occasions.

Buy Tickets To A Musical

You don’t have to be theater nerds to enjoy a magical night out at a musical. Just pick a show together and watch the magic of live theater unfold before your eyes.

Buy Tickets To A Musical

Take A Painting Class

A painting date can be as cheap or expensive as you make it. You can either book on to a professional still life class or grab some watercolors to create some art at home.

Stay At Home Date Ideas

Cook At Home Together

To save your hard-earned cash, stay in and cook a meal at home together. Whipping up a delicious dish encourages solid teamwork and communication, so it’s a great way to strengthen your bond.

Cook At Home Together

Play Board Games

Playing board games at home or in a public space is a simple date idea. From Monopoly to Risk, Clue, Life, and Sorry, these fun games will keep you entertained for hours. You can even order some pizza for dinner and watch a movie with popcorn later that same evening.

Play Video Games

If you can’t meet in person, you can still maintain meaningful connections over your shared love of video games! Animal Crossing and Mario Kart are both popular options for teens that can be played for hours.

Play Video Games As A Couple

Make S’mores and Hang Out in the Backyard

Throw things back to your scouting days by making delicious S’mores. If you can’t get a bonfire going in the backyard, an outdoor grill will still create delightfully gooey S’mores.

High School Date Ideas

Go To Brunch

Whether you love farm-fresh eggs, crispy bacon, or flaky pastries, brunch food is always scrumptious. Ideal for lazy Sunday afternoons, brunch is the perfect date idea for busy high school students who need time to catch up on everything that’s happened during the week.

Go To Brunch For A High School Date

Race Go-Karts

Get your hearts racing with Go-Karting! Most cities have a number of places you can race Go-Karts, so just head online to scope out your nearest location. You’ll also want to pick one with an arcade and mini-golf so you can play games and stay entertained for hours.

Hit Up The Mall

There’s something for everyone at the mall. Though you can spend plenty of money in stores, you can also focus on window shopping if you’re on a budget. When you get hungry, head to the food court to grab a fresh pretzel to share.

High Schoolers Date To Hit Up The Mall

Skating In The Park

Roller skating is a retro date idea that’s ideal for energetic teens. Regardless of whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned skater, you can easily spend hours skating together in your local park.

Go To A Drive-In Movie Theater

If you don’t fancy heading to a regular movie theater, you can experience a drive-in together. Drive-In movies can make your date more private but allow you the novelty of taking her out instead of watching at home. While Netflix and chill continues to be popular, some girls will appreciate the opportunity to do something new and different on a date.

Go To A Drive-In Movie Theater

Check Out A High School Production

Support your school’s theater troupe by checking out a high school production. School shows are cheaper than professional productions, and there’s the bonus of knowing all the performers personally.

Double Date Ideas

Have A Group Movie Night

A group movie night is a date idea that has been around for decades and it’s a standard choice that never disappoints. If you’re not ready for a one-on-one encounter just yet, a group or double date can help relieve some pressure.

Have A Group Movie Night For A Double Date

Go Swimming

A group swimming date is perfect for water babies. During the summer months, you can use the warm temperatures as an excuse to hit the beach with your friends.

Visit The Zoo

Spend time with exotic animals at your local zoo. You get a lot for your money at a zoo, and you can spend an entire day here on nothing more than the cost of your tickets.

Visit The Zoo For A Group Date

Look At Christmas Lights

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by looking at stunning Christmas lights with your closest friends. You can either check out your city’s dedicated lighting display or spend the evening rating any decorated houses in the area.

Go Sightseeing

Take a trip into the center of the city and go sightseeing together. If your city offers a dedicated bus tour, you can truly make the day of it by behaving like tourists!

Go Sightseeing For A Fun Double Date

Take A Day Trip To A Nearby City

Hop in the car and embark on a day trip to your nearest city. Seeing a new place is always fun but planning for a trip together is often as exciting as the event itself!

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