50+ Beautiful Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Girls

Girls’ birthday parties are so sweet and sugar-coated — pinks, golds and dashes of rainbow unicorns!

From Disney princess themes to tutty-fruity themes and tea parties, you name it and we’ve listed it. Find the perfect birthday party theme for your little princess!  We have loads of different birthday themes to suit all likes and dislikes, all ages and more! If you want ideas for boys, check these out! 

Here are our 100 Beautiful Birthday Party Themes for Girls. 

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Does your little girl dream of becoming the hero of her own adventure? Does she loves tales and having a good time with her friends, then Escape Kit is the perfect fun activity for them! 

Organize your own Escape Room at home for your girls birthday party. 

The concept is simple : choose your favourite adventure, download your Escape Room Kit, print out the fun life-sized puzzles and set up the game at your home.

An innovative activity at a low price ($23 per adventure kit) for an hour of play.

With the help of original printed cards, the children will have to find clues, find hidden items, find their way out of mysterious mazes, paint over drawings, to solve the game’s riddles.

Several themes are proposed : the magic of Harry Potter, the magical world of princesses, the power of superheroes, the treasure island of pirates or the enchanted world of the Little Prince.

Fwd Partnership x Escape Kit At home Escape Room Jody stayathomemum com au Stay at Home Mum Mail 1 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

2. The ‘Movie Night’ Birthday Party Theme

Invite the guests over at twilight and host a movie night.  Get the birthday girl to choose the movie that she would love to watch – set up the ‘Cinema’ – hand out tickets and popcorn – it will be epic!

We even have a huge list of movie’s if you are stuck for choice:

Set up the big screen, loads of cushions (one for every party member), a movie pack with popcorn and a ticket!

Movie Night Birthday Invitations:

Food & Drink Ideas for a Movie Night Birthday:

Movie Night Party Favour Bags:


3. Carnival Themed Birthday Party

Step right up in this glittery carnival themed birthday party. Food for a Carnival Themed Birthday Party would be just like going to a Carnival! Dagwood Dogs, popcorn, cream-filled waffles and hot salty potato chips.

Carnival Themed Birthday Invitations:

  • Instead of paper invitations you could get a VIP Carnival Lanyard Pass (pictured below)

Carnival Birthday Party Games

Think of games that you would play at a Carnival. Ideas include:

  • The Balloon Dart Game
  • Look at hiring a small ride for the backyard
  • Face Painting
  • Ring Toss
  • Duck Pond Grab
  • Potato Sack Races
  • Bean Bag Toss

Carnival Themed Birthday Party Bag Ideas

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