25 Pretty Bobby Pin Hairstyles

Knowing you own about 745 bobby pins, you would constantly find them strewn about the house — except for when you really need them.

They are by far, the most inexpensive and versatile beauty tools to have in your kit. Transforming flat hair into a flouncing crown of glory with minimal effort, is my kind of do — swift and simple.

Now, off to making those 745 bobby pins useful!

1. Simple French Roll

Feel like a celebrity with this simple hairstyle that only uses just a handful of bobby pins.

25 Pretty Bobby Pin Hairstyles | Stay At Home Mum
via pophaircuts.com

2. Messy French Twist

Any avid fan of a once or twice weekly hair wash, this updo is for you. The French Twist hair hack requires a good amount of texture to sit and stay in that carefree, natural, ‘I tried, but not too hard,’ look. Brought to you by the girls at Irrelephant.

Stay At Home Mum
via hair.allwomenstalk.com

3. 2-Pin Top Knot

When you’re down to your last 2 bobby pins from that 745 that you knew you had kicking about the house, this one is for you. There’s always those faithful two pins that seem to hang about, and luckily, this style from the girls at Irrelephant only needs two!

Stay At Home Mum
Image via Irrelephant.

4. 5-Minute Braided Chignon

Super simple stylish way to conceal unwashed locks. Bundle into a low pony, basic braid, fold over and pin to head. Ta da! As shown by Divine Caroline.

Stay At Home Mum
via more.com

5. Braided Bangs

Great for that awkward fringe growing out stage. Steph shows you how to braid and pin effortlessly.

Stay At Home Mum
via sixsistersstuff.com

6. Half-up Side Braid

Tired of just wearing your hair down? Add a bit of sophistication by braiding it at the front on one side…and voila!

25 Pretty Bobby Pin Hairstyles | Stay At Home Mum
via glaminati.com

7. Braided Crown

Create this simple medieval look with just a few bobby pins!

25 Pretty Bobby Pin Hairstyles | Stay At Home Mum
via pinterest.com

8. Twisted Crown

Twisting your bits, Lulu creates this crowning glory, securing with crossed bobby pins at the back.

Stay At Home Mum
via haircutfit.com

9. Bouffant

This beautiful vintage look is super easy to make and with just a bobby pin or two!

25 Pretty Bobby Pin Hairstyles | Stay At Home Mum
via pinterest.com

10. ?format=750w | Stay at Home Mum.com.auMini Pompadour

Get the perfect mini pompadour with just two bobby pins!

Stay At Home Mum
via manouvellemode.com

11. Fringe Flick

Using bobby pins to set the curl, create the desired shape around your face with your fringe. Video tutorial by Nikki DeRoest‘s.

Stay At Home Mum
via skunkboyblog.com

12. Half Up Hair Do

Weaving sections from the temple of the head, each is pinned to the opposite side. Creating an easy wear style that still shows the length of your hair, but pulls it off your shoulders enough so the kids don’t wipe their noses on it. The how-to is styled by Makeup Geek.

Stay At Home Mum
via allnewhairstyles.com

13. Half-up Curly Twist

Flaunt your adorable curls with his half updo with a “twist”!

25 Pretty Bobby Pin Hairstyles | Stay At Home Mum
via bloglovin.com

14. Day To Night

Hair ties are often more elusive than bobby pins and more rare, is time to get ready to go out. Take your pinned half up do to a full updo with The Small Things Blog. Have a great hair day!

Stay At Home Mum
via michaelanoelledesigns.blogspot.com
Stay At Home Mum
via thesmallthingsblog.com

15. Poofy Pony Hack

As they say, ‘The higher the hair, the closer to heaven.’ Who doesn’t love full bodied and bouncy ponytail? Also great for disguising not so squeaky clean hair. By sliding two bobby pins over the hair tie on the underside of the ponytail, it gives the hair a leg to stand proudly on. Kayley Melissa has an easy video tutorial to help you.

Stay At Home Mum
via pophaircuts.com

16. Pinned Up Pony

Not your average pony, Hair Romance guides you through creating a lush, sectioned pony for relaxed glamour.

Stay At Home Mum
via hairromance.com

17. Elastic Free Pony

Using the only two pins again, take 2 sections of hair from behind each ear and knot around the gathered ponytail. Popsugar advises securing each section with pins.

Stay At Home Mum
via Popsugar.com

18. Hair Tie Hideaway

If you’ve got thick hair like mine, I need to use a hair tie for my ponytail. Hair Romance demonstrated a quick bobby pin tip to hide that tie.

Stay At Home Mum
via bluemaize.net

19. Crisscross Ponytail

You can also hide your hair tie by wrapping it in a crisscross style and securing it with bobby pins.

6a00d8358081ff69e201a5118e71ba970c 800wi | Stay at Home Mum.com.au
via Abeautifulmess.com

20. No Heat Hair Straightening

Say what now?! No heat. No damage. Just brush, pin and wrap according to xoVain.

Stay At Home Mum
via glamour.mx

21. Nail Polish Painted Pins

Bored of the same old brown pins? Trick them up with a splash of your favourite varnish. Reese Kistel has a great how to.

Stay At Home Mum
via theresakistel.com

22. Triangle Tie

A half updo, pinning the sections at the back of the head, form three bobby pins into a triangle creating a point of interest as shown on Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno.

Stay At Home Mum
via grazia.fr

23. Chevron Shapes

If you love the graphic gorgeousness, try arranging some pins into a chevron feature as seen on Freepeople.

Stay At Home Mum
via thefashionmedley.com

24. Easy Vintage Victory Rolls

Not a curler in sight! Roll brushed hair around your thumbs forming a barrel shaped curl. Pin to the head and spray as needed. Voila from Broke and Chic.

Stay At Home Mum
via brokeandchic.com

25. Hair Bow

An actual bow from your hair! A super cute tute demonstrating a half up pony, half pulled through. Split the doubled over part in half and run bobby pins down each bow part pinning to the head. Take the tail of the pony and wrap around the middle, tuck away the ends, securing with crossed over pins to finish the look. This one’s via Pinterest — more hair hacks over there!

Stay At Home Mum
via lucefashionya.blogspot.com

Which bobby pin hair hack is your favourite?

25 Pretty Bobby Pin Hairstyles Pinnable

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