25 Christmas-Inspired Baby Boy Names

After giving you some Christmas-Inspired Baby Girl Names, you didn’t think we’d forget about the boys, right?

These beautiful baby boy names are sooo gorgeous, I’m thinking of having another baby mehehehehehe Just joking I’ve had enough.

If you’re expecting a baby boy in December then these baby names are perfect!

25 Christmas-Inspired Baby Boy Names
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Here you go!

1. Alfredo

Meaning: Wise, counsellor of elves, sage

2. Balthazar

Variations: Balthasar, Balthus

Meaning: Protector of kings

Balthazar is the name of one of the three kings who brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus. This name is also used for characters in at least 4 Shakespeare plays.

3. Caspar

Meaning: Keeper of treasure.

Caspar is also a name of one of the kings who visited the baby Jesus. He is the one who brought the gold.

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4. Christian

Meaning: Follower of Christ, Man of Christ

Can also be a name for a baby girl! Why not?

5. Christopher

Variation: Chris, Christoph

Meaning: Christ-bearer

For a list of famous Christophers, click here! It’s a looong list and most of them are good looking men! *wink*

6. Claus

Variation: Nicolas, Nikolaus

Meaning: The people’s victory, someone living in an enclosed space.

The name Claus is a boy’s name of Scandinavian origin….A very Christmassy name. You can stray away from the Santa image by using the spelling Klaus.

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7. Ebenezer

Meaning: Rock of stone of help

8. Felix

Meaning: happy, lucky

9. Frank

Meaning: A frenchman, a free man, incense

Frank is used as a short form of Francis.

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10. Gabriel

Variation: Gabe

Meaning: Devoted to God, a hero of God, God is my strength.

The name Gabriel is most known as the angel who told Mary the good news of bearing the baby Jesus.

11. Garland

Meaning: From the spear land, wreath, crowned in victory

This one is a unisex name. Whether it’s a baby boy or baby girl this is a name that is super adorable!

12. Jack

Meaning: a jack of all trades

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13. Jasper

Meaning: In Persian, it means bringer of treasure.

Jasper has been considered a posh and charming name in England.

14. Joseph

Meaning: God shall increase, addition

15. Malachi

Variation: Malakai

Meaning: God’s messenger

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16. Melchior/Melchor

Meaning: King and light

Also one of the three kings who visited the baby Jesus. He was the king of Persia.

17. Nicholas (Nick)

Meaning: Victory of the people, See #6

18. Noel

Meaning: Natal, Christmas, birthday

A popular name for those born on Christmas day December 25. Can also be a baby girl name!

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Meaning: A tree that bears acorns as fruit.

Oak is a pretty durable wood used in construction, furniture and for ships in the old days.

20. Pax

Meaning: Peace

21. Robin

Meaning:Famed, bright, shining

This can also be a baby girl name. Check out this list of famous Robins – click here!

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 22. Rudolph

Meaning: famous wolf

Need I say more?

23. Shepherd

Meaning: a person who tends and rears sheep

24. Theodore

Meaning: Divine Gift

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25.  Wenceslas/Wenceslaus

Meaning: Great glory

Which one of these Christmas baby boy names caught your eye?

25 Christmas-Inspired Baby Boy Names | Stay At Home Mum

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