22 Most Celebrated Pop Princesses Of All Time

Admit it: you’re more into pop music than you would care to admit.

I don’t even try to deny it. Pop music is liiife. To be honest, it’s not just about the songs. It’s about the overall package, artists included! Can you imagine the iconic Like a Virgin being sung by someone else? I can’t either. And then I realised how heavily influential pop artists are, which led me to make a list about the most celebrated pop princesses of all time!

1. Katy Perry

Pop Princesses | Stay At Home Mum

Born: October 25, 1984
Age: 30
Started Singing: At church when she became a gospel singer during her teenage years.
Most Popular Work: Firework and I Kissed A Girl

2. Lily Allen

Pop Princesses | Stay At Home Mum

Born: May 2 1985
Age: 30
Started Singing: In 2005 when she recorded songs in MySpace and made them public
Most Popular Work: The Fear and Smile

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