21 OMG Facts About Vanilla Ice

 Vanilla Ice Ice Baby!

The one and only Vanilla Ice has some seriously interesting OMG facts under his belt including his celebrity net worth value, upbringing and relationship status…

21. Dated Madonna for 8 months is 1990. He even appeared in her book “Sex”.

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Via rollingstone.com

20. Has never known his biological father.

Van Winkle comes from the man his mother was married to at the time of his birth.

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Via youtube

19. 1990’s Ice Ice Baby was the first Hip Hop song to top the Billboard charts.

In fact, Ice Ice Baby is widely credited with bringing Hip Hop to the Mainstream.

18. The Song Hip Hop rules from Ice’s 2001 Album “Bi Polar” is a dead-set BANGER.

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Via rifftrax.wikia

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