20 Gorgeous Sugar Skull Tattoo Ideas

The skull is both macabre and elegant; it’s no wonder why a lot of people are attracted to skull art!

We’ve given you gorgeous subtle tattoo ideas before, and now we’ll be talking Day of the Dead vibes! If you are someone who is into skulls and tattoos but still want a hint of femininity, then we think you’ll love a sugar skull tattoo. It doesn’t reduce a skull’s macabre factor (because, why would it?).

Well actually, it makes the skull look more intense in a beautiful way!

That said, we gathered some gorgeous sugar skull tattoo ideas for you to get inspiration from!

1. This first one is both pretty and haunting.

via www.plentytattoo.com

2. Who told you a Day of the Dead tattoo cannot be girly?

via tattoojobs.co

3. This barely there white tattoo is perfect for those who want subtlety.

via www.thetattoohut.com

4. But then, if you’re the opposite of subtle, go all-out with this bold design!

via www.tattoochief.com

5. Skulls and roses? Not a bad combination at all.

via hd-tattoos.com

6. If you can’t decide between spunky skull and sweet skull, why not get both?

via tattoopinners.com

7. This fabulous sugar skull tattoo design is just hard to ignore.

via tattoo.org.ua

8. “Cool” is understatement for this realistic-looking skull and cosmos union.

via www.tumbnation.com

9. You don’t have to choose between skulls and superheroes!

via www.tattoodo.com

10. This design manages to mix floral and frightening – how fascinating!

via sekiller.net

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