20 Easy Snacks for a One Year Old

Feeding a baby that has transitioned from breast or bottle milk, had all the purees, and is now ready for something more, but not ready for the foods you eat yet, can be tough.

They are always hungry, but finding new ideas on foods to get them to explore tastes and textures can be really tough.

Here are 20 easy snacks suitable for a one year old – easy, simple food, that is good for them, when you are out of ideas!

Make mini versions of this really easy recipe!

Ham and Vegetable Muffins

This is a sneaky way to get vegetables into your child!  Grate anything you like.  I particularly like zucchini as you can’t taste it and it adds a really lovely soft texture to the muffins.  You can make them in advance and freeze them for later!

How to Make Kid-Friendly Pikelets | Stay at Home Mum

Pikelets or small pancakes are a very easy snack for little fingers.  You can start adding a few different toppings such as chopped bananana or kiwi-fruit for something a bit different.  Best thing about pikelets is that you can make them in huge batches and freeze them in freezer proof bags for up to three months – so you can literally have pancakes in 30 seconds (defrosted in the microwave!).

Pumpkin Risotto | Stay at Home Mum

Rice is just perfect for little people. And pumpkin is good for you – meld the two and what do you have?  The perfect food for toddlers!!

20 Easy Snacks for a One Year Old | Stay At Home Mum

The Pea and Corn in these fritters make them really visually pretty, of course, my children just ‘pick them out’ the little buggers – but still, if you can get little Johnny or Jackie to eat them – bonus!

20 Easy Snacks for a One Year Old | Stay At Home Mum

Deliciously crunchy apple chips slowly oven baked for crisp!  Just supervise your toddler with this one in case they choke if they aren’t used to crispy things!  But there is nothing bad in these – so enjoy!

Stay At Home Mum

Unlike store-bought sausages and snacks, these croquettes are easy on the salt and on fat. Not only that, apple, chicken and cheese make these little things full of nutrients that your baby will need.

Zucchini Slice Recipe | Stay at Home Mum

The best thing about Zucchini Slice?  It isn’t just for toddlers, the whole family can enjoy it!  Plus it makes for a great breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner – AND you can freeze it – now that is a versatile meal!

polpette di pollo1 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Little teeny tiny chicken rissoles with nothing bad in them?  Yep, so easy.  They can be served on their own, or as meatballs with a nice veggie sauce.  So easy and yummy and good!

Macaroni And Cheese Muffins

Macaroni and Cheese used to be my favourite food growing up, and I still really love it now, except for the carbs and all those boring things you have to worry about when your a grown up!  Fortunately, when you are ONE, you don’t need to worry about such things.  This is an all time kid-friendly meal all in one!


If you think nuggets are a no-no because they’re fried, think again! Chicken nuggets are friends, not foes, especially when they’re baked to crispy perfection like ours are.

Hearty Cauliflower Breakfast Waffles

Say goodbye to sweet waffles because while those things are yummy, young babies and kids probably won’t need all those excess sugar. Whip up its fantastically tasty and nutritious alter-ego instead!

Cabbage Pancakes | Stay at Home Mum

Before you go ‘OMFG that is so gross!’ – don’t knock em till you try em!  They are scrumptious – and good for you!  They turn out to be a very fine pancake, perfect for little fingers to grab, or just roll them up!

featt | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Healthy Zucchini Slices with a little crisp – yes please!!!!  Makes for a great toddler food, or a side dish for the whole family!

Watermelon Icy Cups | Stay at Home Mum

Your toddler will have teeth coming through.  Get them to suck on these little beauties… three different flavours – all healthy and totes delish!

Avocado Ice Cream | Stay at Home Mum

All the goodness of avocado, without the snotty texture.  Great for kids, lots of omega 3’s!

Pizza Crackers | Stay at Home Mum

This super easy snack couldn’t be easier – most people have Jatz in their cupboard, and they make the perfect little cracker in this recipe which will literally take you two minutes to put together!


Chicken nuggets with hidden vegetables in them?  Yes please!  Broccoli makes the chicken extra tender – so the nuggets are nice a soft for little mouths!

pao de queijo fit doutissima istock | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Who says no to cheese? Let’s rephrase that. What little kid says no to oozing cheese inside crispy wraps? I’m sure my kids won’t say no to this – it’s basically a giant crispy melty cheese sandwich waiting to be devoured.


You can really use any vegetables your baby likes! There’s also no rule to doing it. Just mix in whatever you have, flavour it according to your child’s preference, and you’re done!

Got any more great ideas for us to add?  Let us know!

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