20 Best Slipper Brands For Men (2021 List)

Whether you’re coming home from a long day or want to elevate your work-from-home style, slippers can make all the difference in helping you relax. Also known as house shoes, the best slippers need to be comfortable, warm, high-quality, affordable, and stylish. With so many slipper brands on the market, it can be a challenge finding the right fit for your needs. Some companies make cool house slippers with a modern style and waterproof sole, some designers specialize in high-end luxury with a focus on fashion trends, and other brands create comfy slippers made with soft cushioned soles or memory foam. Guys can even choose from different types such as boot, loafer, slip-on, orthopedic, moccasin, indoor, and outdoor slippers. To inspire your search, we’ve compiled a list of the best slipper brands for men to consider right now! From Barbour to UGG, Acorn, Haflinger, Minnetonka, and Sorel, you can shop these top-rated brands to find men’s slippers that work for you.

Best Slipper Brands For Men

Best Slipper Brands For Men


Barbour is a British luxury brand known for its hefty jackets, and you can expect the same quality and comfort of their slippers. The company makes footwear with the same attention to detail and upscale finishes. Well-made, comfortable, and trendy, Barbour designs some of the best men’s slippers to wear around the house and outdoors. Whether you want a traditional open heel or a moccasin-style shoe, you can find a pair that will fit your needs.

Barbour Men's Slippers

Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren combines trendy fashion, modern comfort, and quality construction to design a men’s slipper you’ll love. As a reputable American fashion company that makes mid-range to luxury apparel and accessories, you can wear Polo Ralph Lauren slippers around the house or outdoors. The suede uppers and wool interior make these men’s slippers incredibly comfortable and popular. The detailing is solid without being too showy. They’ll keep your feet cozy and warm while rocking that iconic Polo emblem. Whether you’re shopping for your husband, boyfriend or dad, you can’t go wrong with this famous brand.

Men's Polo Ralph Lauren Slippers


No brand does comfortable footwear like UGG. The company’s boots are famous for their function-forward design and comfort. UGG slippers are just as nice as other designer brands yet maintain their sturdy construction with a light and airy cushioned interior. With a soft wool lining, a thin rubber sole, and an easy slip-on design, the Scuff slippers are made to be worn indoors. Versatile and fashionable like loafers, the Ascot slippers are the perfect house shoes for men who want to be able to wear their footwear anywhere.

UGG Slippers For Men


Acorn makes slippers with completely unique cozy styles. From slipper socks to moccasins to boots, this brand makes a wide range of functional men’s slippers. The slipper socks feel great on your feet, offering footwear that is lightweight and comfortable like fuzzy socks but durable and waterproof like boots. They are ideal for days when you are staying inside but might have to take out the trash or walk the dog. The company also makes footwear designed like low-cut slip-on sneakers, which are perfect for keeping your feet warm and well-protected.

Acorn Slippers


Gucci is a luxury fashion brand that needs no introduction. The company makes everything from handbags to apparel, shoes, accessories, and menswear. The label is well-known for its upscale style and fancy designs, and makes the best men’s leather house slippers around. Lined with lamb wool and finished with the brand’s classic Horsebit detail, these black leather slippers are stylish, clean, and open-heel. With other offerings in fine velvet filigree, these slippers will make you look like royalty. Functional and bold, Gucci slippers are great if you don’t have a budget.

Gucci Slippers

Bottega Veneta

If you love designer everything, then try a pair of Bottega slippers. These shoes are made from luxurious materials like lambskin. With fine materials, premium construction, and understated styles, you’ll love this slipper collection. As one of the top name brand designers in the world, the company makes several different types of slippers worth exploring.

Men's Bottega Veneta Slippers


Haflinger makes men’s slippers with traditional materials, creating long-lasting footwear that will keep you comfortably on your feet for a long time. The cork sole makes these a great house shoe, perfect for use on hardwood floors to avoid the loud clunking sound made by other shoes. The felted wool upper is a nice addition, both for warmth and the traditional style it exudes. This German company sells everything from slipper boots to clogs, and there are several kinds of designs to choose from.

Haflinger Slippers For Men

Dolce & Gabbana

Like other designer brands, Dolce & Gabbana make slippers that will take you out of the house and onto the catwalk. They may not be as warm as some other traditional house slippers, but there is no mistaking a pair of D&G slippers. The rich velvet and gold detailing make these shoes a statement piece.

Dolce & Gabbana Slippers For Men


Bearpaw makes shoes designed to give your feet a bear hug. Their flagship ankle boot ensconces your feet in a warm wool lining, keeping your toes warm for all those snow days that require you to stay inside. Slip on a pair of Bearpaw slippers and you will find yourself wishing you never have to take them off.

Bearpaw Men's Slippers


Versace slippers will give your footwear game some class. With unique baroque styling and inventive designs on classic silhouettes, Versace slippers are ideal for those who are looking to try something new. These slippers will work with even black dress slacks, if you have the confidence to pull off the look.

Versace Men's Slippers


With their trademark ridged sole, Suicoke slippers are great for someone who needs comfort on the go. The cushioned sole will keep some pep in your step and the lining will keep your feet warm and cozy all day. Do your chores or run your errands in style with these great men’s slippers.

Suicoke Slippers


Maybe the most iconic brand of moccasin-style slippers, Minnetonka makes some of the best men’s slippers on the market. Guys can rock these with jeans and a sweatshirt in the winter for a casual look. The style is cool enough by itself that no one will judge you for taking these for a spin outside the house. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option that strikes a balance between keeping you warm and versatility.

Minnetonka Men's Slippers


Designed with cozy and simple construction, Buscemi makes their slippers great functional footwear for men, but the leather in cool shades makes these a stylish addition to your wardrobe. The leather drawstring allows you to customize your fit, and the different colors give you options in terms of how you want to style them.

Buscemi Men's Slippers


Tempur-Pedic is one of the biggest names in mattresses, and the brand has taken their talents to slippers. Like their sleeping products, you can expect premium comfort with every step when wearing these slippers. If you’re not in bed, then you’re probably wearing shoes, so you might as well buy something that will keep you just as comfortable.

Tempur-Pedic Slippers

Deer Stag

If you want cool house slippers that you can also wear around the campfire, then you can’t go wrong with Deer Stags. A tough men’s slipper built for indoors and the great outdoors, these shoes will keep your feet cozy no matter where you are. Whether you’re on your next camping trip or on a Zoom call, you can’t go wrong with the high-quality design of Dear Stag slippers.

Deer Stag Men's Slippers

LB Evans

LB Evans offers a little bit of everything in their selection, especially a well-made moccasin. However, what LB Evans is best known for is their line of slim leather slippers. These are the type of slippers that you can wear with chinos, joggers, or even stylish pants. If you are searching for something to slip on, even when you need to pull off a smart casual look, try these trendy slippers.

LB Evans Slippers For Men


Dearfoam makes slippers that are meant to perform. Originally started when latex became popular after WWII, this company knows a thing or two about making great slippers. They are foam insulated and washable, meaning you don’t have to worry about them getting a couple of scuffs. Throw them in the washing machine and they will be good as new.

Dearfoam Slippers For Men

Fizz Creations

If you have been looking for a way to express yourself through shoes and you want to do it around the house, try Fizz Creations. The company carries something for just about every man. With designs made for interests of all kinds, you are sure to find something to suit you, your style, and hobbies. Guys can pick slippers inspired by Batman, Superman, Star Wars and Harry Potter themes. These cool slippers make the perfect gift for the super fans in your life.

Fizz Creations Slippers


While the company is best known for its sandals, Birkenstock also makes quality slippers. With an adjustable strap across the front of the shoe, these slippers are customizable to your foot. The comfortable cork soles are perfect for wearing these slippers with or without socks, making them useful even in the summer.

Birkenstock Men's Slippers


A newcomer to the market, Glerups has made a name for itself in the past 20 years as an excellent manufacturer. Made with felt wool in Denmark, these men’s slippers maintain the same quality that made them so popular when the first pair was made in 1993. Made from all-natural breathable wool, these shoes are great for year-round use in and out of the home.

Glerups Slippers

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