15 Best Heavy Stubble Beard Styles (2021 Guide)

Heavy stubble represents one of the most masculine types of facial hair that doesn’t involve growing a full beard. A heavy stubble beard can easily be achieved after not shaving for about 10 days. The best part is that research shows women love scruff and heavy stubble beard styles because the look makes men seem rugged, sexy and healthy. Another side benefit is you don’t have to shave for awhile, making it a low-maintenance, simple facial hair style you’ll love trying!

Here are the best stubble beard styles to grow, groom and style this year. These awesome and trendy ways to wear thick scruff are sure to inspire you with ideas on how to trim and maintain your facial hair for the perfect stubble.

Best Heavy Stubble Beard Styles

If you’re thinking about getting heavy stubble or scruff but want to envision how attractive this facial hair style would be, you’ll love our collection of pictures below. As a very short beard that won’t take long to grow, you’ll quickly be able to experiment with heavy stubble style so check out our gallery for inspiration now!

Heavy Stubble

Heavy Stubble Beard

Heavy Stubble Beard Styles

Men's Heavy Stubble

Stubble Beard

Stubble Beard For Men

Scruff Beard

Cool Heavy Stubble

Cool Stubble Beard Styles

Men's Scruff Styles

Stubble Beard Styles For Guys

Facial Hair Scruff

Heavy Stubble For Guys

Full Heavy Stubble Beard

Heavy Stubble Beards

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