15 Alternatives to the Easter Egg Hunt

Are you in a bit of a rut with your annual Easter egg hunt?

There are so many ways you can shove a few eggs in the mailbox or in the pot plants and scatter them through the garden – or so you thought!

Here are 15 ideas for mixing it up this year and keeping the kidlets on their toes. We absolutely encourage social distancing and staying at home to minimise you and your family’s exposure to the virus so the activities in this list can be done in your garden or yard, or even inside the house!

Celebrating Easter this year might be different from the previous ones, but you can still make beautiful memories with your family.

1. Bunny Tracks

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Instead of chucking eggs in the garden and hoping for the best, you can let the Easter bunny himself guide the fun! The kiddies will love the cuteness when they wake up on Easter Sunday and find a note from the main guy and some tracks leading to where the eggs are stashed. If you don’t feel like using cut-out bunny footprints, you can make a trail with mini eggs.

2. Throw in a Special Egg

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Throw something unusual into the mix like a golden egg and encourage the kids to find it. It’s a bit like finding an unusual Pokemon.


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Give each kid a list that has items to hunt down. For example, large bunny, big egg, four green eggs, 10 mini eggs, and so on. This will help cut down on fights if you have one kid who tends to find all the eggs before the others get a look in.

4. Colour-Coded Hunt

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If you’ve got kids of all ages hunting for eggs, the little ones can be disappointed that the older ones have scooped the pool. You can avoid this by giving each child a set colour of eggs to hunt for, which means they all get an equal share. Older kids can also help the little ones look for their colour.

5. Follow that String

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Instead of hiding eggs everywhere and hoping they are found on the day (and not melted and full of ants several months/years later), you can hide all the eggs in one basket and make the challenge finding that. Get string, wool, twine, or something similar then weave a trail with it throughout the house, yard, and wherever else you’d like the kids to hunt. At the end of the trail is their stash of Easter goodies.

6. Leave Clues

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Put little clues in the garden to give kids directions as to where the eggs can be found.

7. Create a Treasure Map

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The Easter bunny can leave a map for the kids to follow to find where all the eggs are hidden.

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Whether you have kids who can’t have chocolate or you just don’t want too much sugar and the meltdowns that can come with it, you can still give them a fun Easter egg hunt. Use hollow plastic eggs and put prizes inside that aren’t lollies or chocolates. Things like toys, vouchers for an activity/family outing or even some coins are always a hit with the kids.

9. Flashlight Hunt

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Do this one after dark inside the house. Hide the eggs and turn the lights off, and then give each kid a flashlight to locate the eggs. Or go outside if it isn’t too cold where you are.

10. Choose Your Own Adventure Hunt

Similar to a scavenger hunt, this variant of the Easter egg hunt was borrowed from the old Choose Your Own Adventure books you might remember as a kid. Leave plastic eggs with more than one clue in them to give the hunter the privilege to choose between two paths, and the hunt can end in multiple places.

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11. Dinosaur Egg Hunt and Hatch

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Put small toy dinosaurs in each egg and place them anywhere you want, just make sure it’s safe for kids. Instruct the kids to look for the eggs and once they already found them all, they have to crack the eggs and the baby dinosaurs will now finally meet their parents! Yes, this is kind of a parents-meeting-the-baby game so there should be bigger dinosaurs present!

12. Backwards Easter Egg Hunt

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Do you kids already find it unfair that you’re the only ones who do the searching? We have a solution for that!

In the typical Easter egg hunt game, the bunnies hide the eggs on different places and the hunters, obviously, search for them. This game also runs like that. However, here, the Easter bunnies would be the kids and the hunters would be the parents! How exciting, right?

13. Watercolor Easter Egg Hunt

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Want to hunt for Easter eggs but don’t want to move too much or the weather’s not good? Make use of the often-ignored white crayon and draw Easter eggs on a clean, white bond paper. It won’t appear, of course, but that’s actually how things should be! Now, prepare watercolours as those are what the kids will use to get those eggs!

14. Colour Mix and Match Hunt

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Another Easter egg hunt game that involves colours is this mix and match hunt. You just have to pick one actual and one drawn Easter eggs and that’s it. If they match, you win! This is a game much advisable to be played by toddlers and pre-schoolers as they are the ones who are still getting familiar with colours.

15. Easter Egg Pool Hunt

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Place Easter eggs on the pool and have the kids gather them out either by using a pool net or by swimming, your choice. Make sure there are adults around to avoid accidents!

Do you have any Easter egg activities with a twist that you want to add to this list? Share it with us in the comments!

15 Alternatives to the Easter Egg Hunt | Stay At Home Mum

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