12 Best At Home Nail Kits for DIY Manicure

12 Best At Home Nail Kits to Save a Fortune on Your Manicure

It can be so nice to go to the nail salon, sit down and relax while you have your nails transformed. But, life happens and you can’t always afford it.

Whether you are a fan of gel or acrylic nails, there are at-home nail kits available for both. If you are a total newbie, have a go following a few YouTube tutorials to get some practice. If you are new to doing DIY Nails, we recommend trying gel nail kits first as acrylic ones can be tricky to start with.

There are so many different products out there to give your nails the TLC they deserve, we have found the 12 best nail kits to use at home to save yourself a fortune!

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12 Best At Home Nail Kits for DIY Manicure | Stay at Home Mum

The ProDip by Supernail is a 7-piece professional kit that comes with three dipping powders, white, pink and clear. These nail dips don’t have any smell, are gentle on your nails and are long-lasting. You won’t require a UV light and it takes just 10 minutes to soak the nails off when you are ready to remove them.

ProDip by SuperNail Nail Dipping System (7 Piece Professional Kit) Le Beauty

For the love of all this pastel, this starter kit is the bomb-diggity. It includes over 10 non-toxic gel nail polishes, 72W lamp, some pretty rhinestones and gems, glitter and all the tools of the trade. The Nail Setting Lamp has 4 different timers and a tough LCD screen. If applied correctly, your nails can last up to 21 days. Even better.

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This nail kit includes one main thing, glitter and lots of it. It’s so good! It comes with 6 different colours of glitter included a stunning shade of blue. You will be able to dazzle people with your nails that you’ve done yourself at home.

This kit includes everything from UV Lamp, top and base coast, tools, nails for extensions if you want longer nails and of course plenty of glitter. Let your creative juices flow and create some amazing nails with this gel nail starter kit.

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Mitty Salon Essentials At Home Nail Kit is a complete kit, that will help give you salon-quality gel nails. It includes top and base coat, polish and 6W LED lamp! What else could you need to get started?

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So, you might not always want to use gel or acrylic. Sometimes it’s really good to just give your nails some good solid TLC. Improve the strength and quality of your nails with this natural look manicure kit. It includes a range of products, special treatments for your nails, files and clippers.

Add some bling into your life with this ultimate beginner gel nail kit. It comes with all the sparkly things, including glitter and gems. This set includes tools to help prep your nails such as tweezers, cutter, cleanser and buffer.

They can last up to 2 weeks or longer with proper preparation, making it easy if you don’t have time to do your nails each week. This is a mess-free and easy to follow gel nail beginner kit. The lamp is 48W and this kit also has different decals you can put on your nails! Do you want butterflies or flames?

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This at-home nail kit includes 6 dipping powders, including beautiful pastels and lovely silver glitter. They have heavy pigments so you will only need to apply once or twice. These nails will last up to 14 days and are so quick to do yourself, you won’t believe why you spend 45 mins the salon chair.

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Use the Gellaka Gel Nail Kit to save yourself some dollars. Follow the process and your gel nails will last up to 2 weeks. You can go for a matte or shiny look with the topcoats, this nail kit also includes a 9 watt LED Nail Lamp that has a 45-second timer, just like the ones you see at the salon.

While this gel nail starter kit may not look like much, eyes can be deceiving! This nail starter kit is high quality and is a great easy-to-follow nail kit to create beautiful nails that will last 2 weeks or more. It comes with a sexy red colour gel nail polish, topcoat, tools and a UV LED Lamp.

Gelicious also pride itself on having toxic-free and cruelty-free gel nail polish that doesn’t have any nasty odours.

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How nice are the pink pastels in this gel nail kit? The sparkly one is beautiful! This is another complete package when it comes to gel nail kits. It includes a top and base coat, nail files, tools, and 6 non-toxic gel nail polishes. The lamp is 48W with four different timer settings (10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds). Follow their instructions correctly and you may have gorgeous nails lasting up to 3 weeks.


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We hope the these at-home nail kits save a Fortune on Your Manicure! Now just to choose a colour..

12 At Home Nail Kits for DIY Manicure

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